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DEF CON Hacking Conference


DEF CON 30 Videos are Coming!

DEF CON 30 videos preview image

Heads up- the DEF CON 30 videos are gonna hit YouTube a little early this year. You might want to block off some time in October. We apologize in advance for any effect on workplace productivity.

DEF CON 30 CTF on the Books! Congrats to MMM!

DEF CON CTF Organizer Nautilus image

Congratulations to the DEF CON 30 CTF Winners, Maple Mallard Magistrates! Read more about MMM!

They were closely followed by the teams Katzebin and Starbugs, in 2nd and 3rd places respectively.

A big thank you to Nautilus Institute and all the CTF competing teams for a great game! Check out the DEF CON 30 CTF section of the Media Server for LiveCTF, PCAPS, and other interesting stuff as it becomes available!

Archive Page is Live for DEF CON 30!

DEF CON 30 archive Page image

Missing DEF CON 30? We've updated our Conference Archive! Get your hands on a cornucopia of DC30 content - the program, LiveCTF, photos, video and even a soundtrack to vibe with while you browse. All for the low, low price of one internet click.

Keep an eye on it for even more coming soon; Contest results, talk videos, CTF packet caps, video of the music events and more! Happy weekend!

DEF CON 30 Press Roundup!

DEF CON 30 Press roundup image

DEF CON 30 is in the books, and it looks like we made a little news. Here’s an early roundup of DEF CON 30 press mentions. We’ll update soon with more writeups and breakdowns as they appear.

DEF CON Bans OAN - Vice

This String of Emojis is Actually Malware - Vice

Hackers Took Over a Commercial Satellite to Broadcast Hacker Movies - Vice

Hackers Come Home to Vibrant Community - Dark Reading

StarLink Ground Stations Successfully Hacked - Hackaday

John Deere Tractor Runs Doom - The Register

Black Hat and DEF CON visitors differ on physical risk management - The Register

How Sanctions Impact Internet Operators - Infosecurity Magazine

#DEFCON: CISA Director Praises Congress and International Cybersecurity Cooperation - Infosecurity Magazine

The Next Big Jailbreak in Tech: John Deere Tractors - Gizmodo

Black Hat and DEF CON Roundup - Threatpost

Carnegie-Mellon Team Wins DEF CON Hacking Competition - Business Wire

Zoom Patches Mac Auto-Updater Vuln that Granted Root Access - Ars Technica

Election Disinformation Fears Loom Over Hacker Confab - Politico

Sick Codes Jailbreaks Tractor at DEF CON - Fierce Electronics

John Deere Jailbreak Shows It’s All Built on Outdated, Unpatched Hardware - Boing Boing

A New Jailbreak for John Deere Tractors Rides the Right-to-Repair Wave - Wired

Playing for All the Jelly Beans at the EFF Benefit Poker Tournament at DEF CON - EFF

Reproductive Justice in the Age of Surveillance: Panel at DEF CON 30 - EFF

What to watch for as 'Hacker Summer Camp' gets underway in Las Vegas - Cyberscoop

Eclypsium Calls Out Microsoft Over Bootloader Security Woes - Tech Target

Russian Hackers Are Escalating and Diversifying Their Attacks on Ukraine, Research Says - Gizmodo

US Emergency Alert System Has ‘Huge Flaw’ — Broadcasters Must Patch NOW - Security Boulevard

New exploits can bypass Secure Boot and modern UEFI security protections - CSO Online

DEF CON 30 Comes of Age with Hacker Homecoming - Security Systems News

Logran hackear Starlink por solo 25 dólares Muy Computer

Up Close at DEF CON 30 - PC Mag

‘Hackers against conspiracies’: Cyber sleuths take aim at election disinformation - Politico

The Zoom installer let a researcher hack his way to root access on macOS The Verge

White House Cyber Director: ‘Defense is the New Offense’ for Cyber - Nextgov

Inglis: People, companies need to replicate collective cyber defense seen in Ukraine - The Record

Potential hack vulnerability for some Boeing planes fixed: Researchers - Business Insurance

Zoom acaba de corregir una falla de seguridad importante - Digital Trends (Espagnol)

A Flaw in the VA’s Medical Records Platform May Put Patients at Risk - Wired

DC30 Car Hacking Village Badge - Intrepid Control Systems (YouTube)

Designing the DEF CON 29 and 30 Badges (featuring MK Factor) Hacker Hangouts (YouTube)

DEF CON 30 OBD-Kill Badge First Flight - Intrepid Control Systems (YouTube)

Defcon 30 badge release the patch/fix to the bug of smoked badge. - Reddit

DEF CON 30 China Virtual Party!

DEF CON 30 china party image

Our hacker friends in China are having a VR party for DEF CON 30 with a big, beautiful virtual meeting space and media shared from the show. Big thanks to Baidu for putting that party together! The DEF CON spirit of discovery and community is a truly global thing and we’re grateful to all of you for making DEF CON what it is.

Join us for DEF CON 30 online!

DEF CON 30 logo image

The DEF CON Discord is open ( You can hang out in virtual LineCon, try out the offerings of one of our hybrid villages and meet DEF CON family from around the world.

The DEF CON Groups have a VR hangout going on throughout DEF CON. Learn what DCGs across the globe are up to, maybe even find a group near you to join so you can keep that DEF CON vibe all year! The info you need to get involved is here: Guide_v1.6.pdf and you can join in on the fun with or without a VR headset. You can even watch the event live on Twitch:

Follow our YouTube channel (DEFCONConference) for video updates from DC30 all weekend. We’ve upped our content game this year and we’ll be sharing a bunch of interviews and contest content.

So even if you’re not onsite, you can still get some DEF CON into your 2022, and we’ll save you a place in LineCon for 2023.

HDA Infopack is Live!

DEF CON HDA logo image

Many thanks to @A_P_Delchi for the DEF CON 30 HDA Infopack! This helpful guide for Hackers with Disabilities has venue maps, tips for traveling between venues and a concise explanation of DEF CON's HDA provisions. Let's look out for each other, and if you see a way we can improve our accessibility, let us know!

DEF CON 30 Speaking Schedule is Live!

DEF CON schedule web page image

‘Tis the season, hackerfolk. DEF CON is almost here and all four tracks of the main speaker schedule are live on the website! Visit the Schedule page to start your planning. Our valiant CFP Review Board has put together a strong list of presentations over a wide array of subjects. We’re sure you’ll find plenty of interest.

Feel free to tweet at us about the talks you want to see, and feel equally to free to get hyped. Less than a month now, people.

COVID Clarification for DEF CON 30

DEF CON Masked Jack logo image

Just so there’s no confusion, DEF CON 30 will require masks, same as last year. We thank everyone for keeping each other safe last year, and we can’t wait to get the gang together responsibly just a few short weeks from now.

Original DEF CON 30 Covid Policy post from May.

DEF CON Training Site is Live!

DEF CON training whiteboard image

DEF CON Trainings registration is LIVE! Right after DEF CON 30, we're excited to offer these intensive 2 day classes with a certificate of completion. First come, first served so don't procrastinate. Class descriptions and reg information are at

Weekend Updates! CTF Quals news, and New SE Community Q&A Today!

nautilus institute tweet image

CTF News
CTF Quals are almost here (May 28 at 0000 UTC) and the CTF Chat on the DEF CON discord is already open!

From @NautilusCTF:
#defcon quals chat on the Defcon discord is open. Come visit us in #ctf-discussion-text to ask all the important questions, like “when is web?” and “this challenge is too hard unlock another one”

Time is short to get to the Nautilus Institute Website and register your team for CTF quals!

S E community promo image

SE Community Q&A Today!
Join Social Engineering Community Village cofounders @JC_SoCal and @sn0ww to talk all about what kind of events the Social Engineering Community has in store for DEF CON 30. They'll be live on Twitch answering your questions at 5pm EDT Friday the 27th at See you there!

The Black and White Ball is Back!

Black and white ball promo image

A little announcement about DEF CON 30's Black and White Ball: the best-dressed entrants will get some to enter early and enjoy a few free drinks before we let everyone else in. So look sharp - more details to come.

DEF CON Movie Night: 3 Days of the Condor

3 days of the condor poster image

Join us Saturday the 21st at 8pm PDT for Sydney Pollack's 1975 spy thriller 'Three Days of the Condor'. Robert Redford plays a CIA researcher on the run and Ma Bell plays herself. We'll be hiding out in the DEF CON Discord ( under the code name movie-night-text.

Check out Policy @ DEF CON!

DEF CON 30 policy image

Policy matters. The world has never been so connected, and mighty forces contend for the right to shape our digital lives. DEF CON believes the hacker community needs a voice in that process. To help people learn, connect and get involved with the leading edge of tech policy, we offer ‘Policy @ DEF CON’. We’ll have presentations, panels, and off-the-record evening lounges. Get yourself up to speed on the issues, connect with some of the players and maybe even get involved. The future is what we make it!

The DEF CON 30 Website is live!

DEF CON 30 website screen shot image

Good news, everyone! The DEF CON 30 official website is officially LIVE and DEF CON season is officially IN EFFECT. Bookmark it for a handy place to check out all of the DC30 infoz as they roll in. Check the calendar, jump into the forums, book a room - it’s all in one place.

Now that we’ve reached cruising altitude, you are free to shimmy excitedly around the cabin.

Let’s GoOOoo!

COVID Updates for DEF CON 30

DEF CON Masked Jack logo image

DEF CON 30 is getting closer, and that means we’re starting to get questions about Covid-19 protocols for the in-person event. Here’s the current state of play.

Some things have changed since DC29. The US has largely stopped checking vaccine status for entry to indoor events, owing at least partly to the knowledge that the vaccines serve more to prevent severe disease than to curtail transmission. COVID-19 testing is now mostly done privately with widely available at-home kits.

But most things haven’t changed. There are still new variants on the move. There are still spikes in transmission and hospitalization. Masks are still the most effective way to protect people in indoor events.

Barring a major change in the situation, we will not check proof of vaccination, but we will keep last year's mask requirement in place for DEF CON 30. Protecting the community is our first priority, and we want to make sure that everyone is as safe as we can make them. Everyone includes the healthy, the vulnerable and those who have immune compromised loved ones they need to protect.

Thank you for all you did to protect each other last year, and with your help we’ll do it again this year.

Training Coming to DEF CON 30, Call for Training is Open!

DEF CON Training logo image

The wait is over - we’re ready to announce the Call for Trainers!

This year we’re adding DEF CON Training – intensive, two-day courses of study aimed at building specific skills. In some cases, these courses will even carry a certification. The Trainings will be held August 15-16, the Monday and Tuesday after DEF CON.

We’re looking for unique, technical, and practical presentations from trainers with deep knowledge of their subject. If that’s you, we’re offering:

- 50/50 split of the gross income.
- Optional test where students demonstrate their skill for a certificate.

All the info you need to apply is on the Call for Training page. Get your applications in early – we look forward to seeing what you’ve got to share.

New Payment Option for DEF CON 30!

DEF CON 30 logo image

DEF CON is a cash-at-the-door kind of conference. Paying in cash helps protect your privacy, and search warrants can't vacuum up PII we don't collect. You will always be able to lay down US dollars in the reg line and collect your badge.

Still, the experience of DC29 taught us a few things. Some of our attendees work DEF CON into their business travel schedule, and the option to pre-reg with a credit card over the web made things much easier for them. Some of our attendees need to manage a group purchase, or want a more detailed receipt.

For everyone who fits into those categories, we’re happy to announce that we’re keeping the option of online registration. Starting Monday, March 28th, you’ll be able to use to buy your ticket and get your receipt. We hope the online option makes the process more streamlined for those who need it. We thank people for their patience and feedback as we navigate the changing landscape.

The price for DEF CON 30 is $360, with a processing fee of $9.66 added to online orders.

Fine print: Currently we cannot provide beachballs and pizza to the online purchasing experience. For that, you’re gonna need LineCon.

DEF CON Movie Night: Dark Star!

DEF CON Movie Night: Dark Star poster image

DEF CON Movie Night this Saturday will feature some more 70s sci-fi with John Carpenter’s ‘Dark Star’ from ’74. Join us 3-19 at 8pm PDT in the #defcon discord ( We’ll be in the movie-night-text channel.

Villages for DEF CON 30!

DEF CON 30 villages update image

The list of DEF CON 30 villages on the Forums has been updated! Stop by to check out the full complement of village goodness we're offering this year. Comment, like, subscribe, volunteer to help out - but mostly get amped. #defcon30approaches.

Coming soon: Call for Training!

DEF CON 30 logo image

We’re excited to announce something new on the menu for DC 30 - DEF CON Training! We’re launching a lineup of intense two-day trainings taking place August 15-16 in the same venue, and we’re looking for trainers!

WHAT: DEF CON We’re seeking Trainers for two-day training sessions right after DEF CON 30.

WHEN: August 15-16, the Monday and Tuesday after DEF CON 30.

WHERE: Same location, the Caesars Forum.

WHY: For DEF CON attendees who love our free Workshop series but wish they could get an even deeper, more focused dive and maybe even a certificate. Like everything we do at DEF CON, we hope it will help to build and strengthen the hacker community and spread the kind of knowledge that makes the world more open and secure.

DEF CON Training will offer two-day paid training courses in the $1-$3k price range. We’re looking for unique, technical, and practical presentations from trainers with deep knowledge of their subject. If that’s you, we’re offering:

- 50/50 split of the gross income.
- Optional test where students demonstrate their skill for a certificate.

Interested? We will launch the Trainer submission form later this month! If you have questions, drop us a line at

The Dark Tangent

More DEF CON 30 Calls Opening!

DEF CON 30 logo image

Good news, everyone! We have more calls open for DEF CON 30!

Call for Parties and Meetups: your dreams of throwing an epic party at DEF CON 30 are within your reach! If you have a solid concept to wrap some next level festivities around, get at us. The best ideas will get space and support. Details here: Call for Parties

Call for Music: we’re gonna need some tunes. Lots of tunes. This call is for established acts and bedroom Beethovens alike. We’re looking for live performers, so if you’ve got the stuff that puts the dip in our hip and the glide in our stride, get to the Call for Music and let us know.

Call for Vendors: we’re always looking for new hacker gear and accessories to share with the community. Get your cool swag in front of a pretty savvy and curious audience by applying here at the Vendor Application

New Calls Open for DEF CON 30!

DEF CON 30 logo image

You know how you can tell it’s DEF CON season? The Calls. When you hear the distinctive warble of the DEF CON Content calls, you know what’s up. It’s like the first robin of spring, if robins were cooler and more hacker-focused.

Today we’re opening three more DEF CON 30 Calls:

Call for Papers
The big one. If you want to speak at DEF CON 30, it’s time to get your submission together. As always, we’re looking for fresh, technical content and the sooner you get it in, the better your chances. We can offer suggestions to help you get over the finish line, time permitting. Fortune favors the bold, so don’t delay.

Call for Workshops
The very popular workshop series is back for DEF CON 30. Some topics need a more time and involvement than a main-stage talk can offer. The workshops are an amazing way to share your in-depth, hands-on content with the DEF CON community.

Demo Labs
Get your open source project in front of the knowledgable, curious humans of DEF CON. Get valuable feedback, find accomplices and raise your project’s profile. We provide the floor space and the audience, you provide the timely submission.

The DEF CON machine is revving up, and DC30 will be here before you know it. Don’t miss your chance to get involved. The community is waiting to see what you’ve got to share.

A Warm Welcome to the Next CTF Organizer Team: Nautilus Institute!

DEF CON CTF Organizer Nautilus image

Big DEF CON 30 CTF update! Following several years of exemplary service by the Order of the Overflow, our world-famous Capture the Flag contest is under new management. The care and feeding of this year’s CTF is in the worthy and capable hands of the Nautilus Institute!

From Nautilus Institute:

Ahoy DEF CON and CTF communities!

We are the Nautilus Institute. We have been chosen, from a very respectable pool of applicants, to steer the DEF CON CTF ship starting in 2022. We are thankful for this honor, and hope to navigate straight and true no matter what waters lie ahead.

We’re a bit light on details, while we prepare for this year’s DEF CON CTF Qualifiers May 28-29, but we hope to flag you down with more information soon! Please follow us on twitter at and keep a look out on our website at

Sea you soon,


For the boldest and best prepared, glory awaits. Godspeed.

DEF CON Movie Night: Primer!

DEF CON movie night primer poster image

DEF CON movie night rolls on with ‘Primer’. Joins us on the DC discord Saturday 8pm PST for what has to be the most brainmelting time travel movie that could possibly be shot for $7000. Bring a cork board and a few different colors of yarn. We’ll be waiting for you in the movie-night-text channel.

DEF CON Movie Night: Tank Girl!

DEF CON movie night tank girl poster image

This week’s DEF CON movie night will feature the very weird ‘Tank Girl’ from 1995. Join us Saturday, 8pm PST in the movie-night-text channel of the DEF CON discord for a glimpse at what the apocalypse looked like from the more innocent viewpoint of the mid 90s. Bring your own water.

DEF CON New Year's Eve!

DEF CON New Year's Eve image

DEF CON is doing a small New Year's Eve event on the DEF CON discord. There will be several hangouts and contests to participate in. We’ll have music, a Kubernetes CTF, A Ham radio CTF, some Hacker Karaoke, movie watchalongs and more. We’ll have the full rundown on and we’ll update in the NYE Forum threads. Join us in welcoming 2022 - can't wait to see you!

DEF CON 29 Transparency Report

DEF CON 29 Transparency Report image

The full DEF CON Transparency Report for DEF CON 29 is now available. Our deepest thanks to everyone who reported issues to us and also to the people on staff who tracked down and handled those issues. It's a community effort, and it's good to see the progress we're making.

Enter the DEF CON 30 Artwork Contest!

DEF CON 30 THEME image

Now that the DEF CON 30 Theme is out there in the world, it’s time to go pencils up on the DEF CON Art Contest!

This year’s theme is ‘Hacker Homecoming’, and you can read all about it on the DEF CON Forums. It’s a theme meant to celebrate our community’s much awaited reunion next August. It’s also meant to reference the 30th Anniversary we’re celebrating, which is a pretty big deal for a hacker conference.

So if you’ve got some art skills, you’ve got a luxurious 7+ months to get your take on the theme in to us. There’s so much time between now and the June 1 deadline that you could probably learn a brand new art style in which to make your submission. You can drop as many submissions to as you want, so enter early and often.

### Theme:

We are looking for artwork that reflects a spirit of community and reunion. We’re looking for art that combines the 90’s hacker aesthetic of DEF CON’s history and our tribe’s 21st century future. We’re looking for your vision and vibes.

We hope you’ll take in the information in the style guide, but we hope that you’ll use that as a launching pad and not a set of limits. We want to see where you can take these ideas.

### Guidelines:

300 DPI. Convert type to outlines where applicable. Trust your instincts - we’re looking for genuine energy, not technical perfection. We want to share and amplify the artists in our community. If tlhat’s you, get your ideas down. If that’s not you yet, could it be? You’ve got a few months to find out.

Entries will be placed on the DEF CON Forums for voting, and there will be prizes. There will also be gratitude, and opportunities to inspire others with your special way of seeing the world. We can’t wait to see what you’ll make!

DEF CON 30 Theme: Hacker Homecoming

DEF CON 30 THEME image

This has been a crazy couple of years.

A global pandemic turned DEF CON 28 into DEF CON Safe Mode. Some easing of the restrictions and some strict attendance rules gave us a hybrid con for DC29. An improvement, to be sure, but something short of a full DEF CON experience.

We want DEF CON 30 to have the energy of a reunion. We’ll be back togeher in a brand spanking new venue. We’ll be thirty years old - an amazing milestone for a hacker conference under any circumstances. In honor of all that, we’re calling DEF CON 30 ‘Hacker Homecoming’.

The first reason is that it’s literally a return home. After two years of separation, we’re looking forward to having more of our family under one roof, under the Vegas late summer sun.

There’s also a North American tradition called ‘Homecoming’. Secondary schools and colleges invite luminary alums back for a big celebration of the school’s history and a toast to its future. We intend to do just that for DC30. We’ll have some surprise guests from DEF CON’s illustrious past on hand to talk about the amazing places their life has taken them since joining the DC Community. We’ll also be laying out some of the map forward from our 30th Anniversary.

So please join us in the Caesar’s Forums if you can, and on the Discord if you can’t. Maybe even pack a fancy outfit for the homecoming dance. It’s high time for a reunion.

Design Inspiration

This year’s theme is about celebrating the past and getting geeked about the future, so we’re looking for smooth integration of old school hacker stylee with future vibes.

We took the color palette inspiration from arguably the most iconic DEF CON image of all time: the rooftop photo from DEF CON 1.

The photo is amazing for any number of reasons, but the most important is that even though it screams early 90s hacker culture, it also shows some of the essence of what DEF CON is even in the 2020s. It’s still a gathering of extraordinary digital misfits going Voltron in the Vegas night.

The fonts were also selected to be like a homecoming celebration, with some reverence for the past, some excitement about the future. The past is represented by the very 90s CityPop and Geom and the future by the futristic minimalism of Open Sans.


As always, we’ll be sharing movies, books, music and other random media to get you in the right frame of mind for maximum DEF CON. This year we’re even giving you an extra few months to get through the syllabus. Watch the DEF CON site for additions to all the lists. Pencils UP!

The Imitation Game
Zero Days

The Shockwave Rider
The Cuckoo’s Egg
Kingpin: How One Hacker Took Over the Billion-Dollar Cybercrime Underground
The Cult of the Dead Cow

The DEF CON 30 Call for Contests and Events is OPEN!

DEF CON 30 CTF call for contest and events image

DEF CON 30 is going to be a big deal, and we’re full speed ahead on planning. If you’ve got a stellar idea for a contest, this is your moment. Take advantage of the early opening to turn your idea into a real DEF CON Experience. The extra lead time helps us work with you to get the best ideas across the finish line, but only if you take advantage and get your submissions in.

You can read the rules and requirements on the Call for Contests Page. You can check the DC29 Contest forum for an idea of what we’ve accepted in the past.

Let’s see what you’ve got percolating out there, DEF CON fam. Let’s take DC30 up a notch.

DEF CON 30: Open and Upcoming Calls

DEF CON 30 Calls image

The DEF CON 30 Call for Villages is already open! To see if your fave is already accepted, check out the Villages forum for DEF CON 30! Don't see what you want on the current list? Maybe that's your cue to submit a proposal!

For the truly ambitious, there is still a call open for the coveted title of CTF organizers! Only a little over two weeks left to put in your proposal to be the future of DEF CON Capture the Flag!

On the horizon very soon will be the Call for Contests! Polish those proposals for new DEF CON contests now and be ready for the call!

We only turn 30 once. Let's do it big!

DEF CON 30 Call for Villages has Opened!

DEF CON 30 CTF call for villages image

DEF CON 30 may seem a long way off, but it’s never too soon to start planning. Especially for something as close to the heart of the DEF CON experience as Villages.

As always, we’re looking for new villages that will create welcoming, hands-on spaces for congoers to sharpen their skills, learn something new and maybe even find their newest obsession.

Space (both physical and metaphorical) is limited. Early submissions have increased chances of success. If the concept is strong but needs work, we can help but only if we have enough time.

You’ll want to famailiarize yourself with the requirements and submission guidelines at first. If you can meet the preconditions, and you have a stellar idea to propose, that’s the universe telling you it’s go time. Rise to meet your moment.

We can’t wait to see what’s on your mind.

CTF Call for Organizers is Officially Open!

DEF CON 30  CTF call for organizers image

The mighty and venerable Order of the Overflow is retiring from organizing the DEF CON CTF, and the torch must be passed. This means a rare opportunity for you, CTF enthusiasts.

Are you ready to create the next generation of elite CTF tournaments? Do you have the skill and creativity to elevate the game for the world’s best players? The drive to see your ideas through to completion? If this is you, it’s time for us to talk.

The lowdown is at Get familiar, submit the CTF you want to see in the world. For the chosen, glory awaits.

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