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DEF CON China 1.0 Hacking Conference

Contests & Events

Contests & Events

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Baidu Capture the Flag

Baidu CTF, hosted by Baidu Security, will be held during DEF CON CHINA 1.0 and BCTF 2019 will officially become the pre-qualifier of DEF CON CTF. 12 top-level international teams will be invited to compete in the BCTF finals. At the same time, 11 AI teams selected through BCTF-RHG artificial intelligence sub-station competitions are assembled, which can use OpenRASP, KARMA vulnerability hotfix and other open source technologies from Baidu Security in the automatic attack and defense competitions.

The Finals champion team will go straight to attend DEF CON CTF Finals, and the TOP THREE team will receive cash awards. Curious about the amount? Aha, waiting for you to explore!


The Schemaverse [skee-muh vurs] is a space battleground that lives inside a PostgreSQL database. Mine the hell out of resources and build up your fleet of ships, all while trying to protect your home planet. Once you're ready, head out and conquer the map from other DEF CON rivals.

This unique game gives you direct access to the database that governs the rules. Write SQL queries directly by connecting with any supported PostgreSQL client or use your favourite language to write AI that plays on your behalf. This is DEF CON of course so start working on your SQL Injections - anything goes!

Scavenger Hunt

The Defcon Scavenger Hunt, though untraditional, has become the spirit of DEFCON. This contest is known for encouraging the hacker mentality and bringing it into uncommon and usually funny challenges. For newer hackers, non-technical hackers, or people looking to find a unique way to interact with the conference, we bring you the longest running contest at DEFCON! For over twenty years the original Defcon Scavenger Hunt has challenged hackers to think outside of the box. Teams of one to five players compete Friday morning into Sunday, accumulating as many items and completing as many tasks as possible from the list. Will you be the next to stand among the legendary scavengers?

Dunk Tank

More info coming soon!
For the trivial price of a donation to charity you could take a turn trying to dunk various DEF CON luminaries perched over a pool of freezing water. Some geek, maybe even you, with a couple of softballs has a chance at glory.

The d(struction)20 CTF!

Are you tired of CTFs where contestants' computers aren't in danger of being smashed with a sledgehammer by a person wearing a hot dog costume? Do normal CTFs that don't decide the fate of their competitors at random with a novelty oversized 20-sided die bore you? Then come see the only CTF where the stack isn't the only thing being smashed: The d(struction)20 CTF!

Part CTF, part lemon race, part game show, part demolition derby, the D(struction)20 CTF is a contest to build an affordable, low-cost, usable, and powerful hacking platform, and compete with it! Periodically during the competition, a random contestant from the leaderboard will be chosen to roll the d20 of Destruction to decide what will happen to their rig. If they're very lucky, they roll a natural 20 and no damage will be inflicted! Otherwise, the d20 of Destruction will decide what type of damage will be done to their rig. If the rig survives their chosen fate, the contestant may continue playing, but either way, rolling the d20 of Destruction results in a big point bonus that may make the difference between winning and losing, even if the rig is destroyed in the process!


Live Art Story

For the past decade, the curious and playful work of DEF CON resident artist Mar Williams has been visible all over our convention. Mar’s work is a perfect fit with DEF CON’s vibe and has become a big part of our visual identity.

For our guests at DEF CON China 1.0, Mar will be creating a mural live onsite. Once the mural is finished, it will be broken down to 18 equal pieces and distributed to guests at the conference. Join us at 751 D Park in Beijing May 31 - June 2 for a chance to bring home some one-of-kind DEF CON art!

Replica of Hall of Supreme Harmony

The Hall of Supreme Harmony was built in 1416 and completed in 1420. It showcases the exquisite skills and cooperation amongst ancient craftsmen which is difficult to achieve today. This is due to the usage of tenon-and-mortise technology. Because of its complexity, people seldom come into contact with it in today’s world. At DEF CON CHINA 1,0, We plan to use tens of thousands of Tang Locks to reproduce the Hall of Supreme Harmony on a reduced scale.