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DEF CON China 1.0 Hacking Conference

DEF CON China 1.0 Venue!

DEF CON China Venue image DEF CON China Venue image DEF CON China Venue image

The spirit of hacking is the desire to extend the technological horizon by bending existing tech in new and unexpected directions. We build the future by rethinking and reshaping the present.

So it’s fitting that DEF CON China 1.0 will be held in the Beijing’s iconic Arts District at 751 D Park.

It’s an open location full of modern creative spaces carved from a foundation of 20th century industrial architecture. A perfect place to meet up with a few thousand hackers and discuss ‘Technology’s Promise’, don’t you think?

That, friends, is hacker.

We are very excited to begin the transformation of the 751 D Park space for DEF CON China 1.0, and we hope you’ll be able to join us there.

DEF CON China 1.0: Open Calls for Participation!

DEF CON China calls for Participation image

DEF CON China 1.0 is getting closer, so it's time to get involved! Here are the many Calls for Participation that opened today:

Workshops: If you've got teaching skills and some cool hacker knowledge to share with the DC China attendees, pitch it to us. We're looking for technical, unique content, and we know you're out there.

Demo Labs: This call is for anyone with an open source project you'd like to demonstrate to the public. It's a great way to get feedback on your work, find collaborators and see your ideas in use by the target audience.

Villages: Villages are all-day, hands-on spaces dedicated to a specific area of hacking.

Contests and Events: Hackers need to have fun, too. If you have a clever competition idea or an entertainment proposal, this is for you. Some of the more famous previous contests and events at DEF CON are the Scavenger Hunt and the Wireless Capture the Flag contest. If your idea is good, we'll help you get it realized.

DEF CON belongs to the community, and the best way to feel a part of that community is to join in and help build. We can't wait to see what kind of ideas you've got!

DEF CON China Returns! CFP is Open!

DEF CON China 1.0 CFP image

DEF CON China was a great success, and we’re happy to announce that DEF CON is returning to Beijing for DEF CON CHINA 1.0 on 04-06 June 2019!

Today we are opening up the CFP for DEF CON China 1.0 If you’d like to apply to be a speaker, has all the information you’ll need to make a submission. We look forward to your proposals.

The DEF CON China 1.0 website will launch soon, with more information about the venue, and more ways to participate.

We’re very pleased to be bringing DEF CON back to Beijing, and we hope to see you there!