Last Updated 07.28.99
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  • Speakers Saturday:

    The Dark Tangent:Introduction to DEF CON I, the concept behind the convention, and a welcome to you all!
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    Ray Kaplan: To hack or not to hack, that is not the question.
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    Judi Clark:Computer Privacy, 1st Ammendment, Gender Rolls and Discrimination.
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    Dan Farmer: Sun Microsystems: Future developements in unix security software, General Q&A on unix security. Announcement of his idea for SATAN.
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    Gail Thackeray:
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    Dark Druid:Getting busted sucks!
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    Mark Ludwig:Virus developements and concerns.
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    Dead Addict:The future of the underground. In light of the "new" internet, windows, and networking, what is the scene coming to?
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    Curtis Karnow: The law, and it's intersection with Virtual Reality, and liability in "simulated" environments and worlds.
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