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Capture the Flag (CTF) contest

Assemble a security consulting team now! HyperGlobalMegaCorp is offering excellent IT contracts! Qualified teams must be able to administer and secure ASCII/TCP/IP services and review and patch the corporate default installation for any vulnerabilities discovered since it was created.

Teams will be presented with the latest release of HGMC's official x86 based server software. The software interoperates with a large accounting system that determines which contractor is providing which services. If a host is completely operational at the end of each polling cycle, its current operator identification is requested. The contractor matching that identification is credited.

Business hours are Friday 11:00 to 23:00, Saturday 10:00 to 22:00 and Sunday 10:00 to 14:00.

Team Application forms will be available on this site starting June 1, 2002.

Fine Print This is a closed network that is not connected to the Internet, so bring all your tools. While not required, it might help your team to have someone with employable skills such as navigation, RF hacking, physical security, accounting, dumpster diving and phone phreaking. If you have to worry about it in your day job, you probably have to worry about it in CTF.

The rules:

One more time for the slow folks:
The contest is to maintain a given number of services, starting with an x86 operating system. As long as the scoreboard server sees that your services are up AND your server has your team's flag, you get points. If the server is down, you don't get points. If the server is up with somebody else's flag, they get the points. Polling is done pretty often. You can join whatever team will have you, but teams can't merge.

Yes, the CTF scoreboard is only going to running for 28 hours. There will be work for you to do between shifts if you want, or you can do the right thing & go see the rest of Defcon.

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