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NEWS - July 31st, 2002 --
The location for this years (6th annual) defcon shoot has been secured. It's even closer than last year, and has no bans in effect against full auto, suppressed, or 50's. So feel free to bring out all the toys :)

NEWS - JULY 26TH, 2001 --
Year five of the official Def Con Shoot happened without any problems. This year we had an actual range which was kindly provided to us by the Boulder Nevada Rifle and Pistol Gun Club (http://www.brpc1.org/).

We now finally have a DC-Shoot mailing list! use it to make defcon shoot plans, talk about guns, 2A, gun advocacy, hunting, BBQ recipes, load data, etc... Just send mail to majordomo@23.org with the words subscribe dcshoot in the message body. or click HERE and send!

Sincerely, Christian Hedegaard-Schou

Last Updated: 07/02/02

The Goings On
What: A firearms shooting get-together

Where: TBA

When: TBA: Defcon 10 (Saturday, August 3rd - 8AM)


Failure to follow these rules will result in you being removed from the shooting location. These are not hard rules to follow, and these rules should never be broken any other place you've ever shot, so there's nothing new here.

Who: Gun totin' DefCon attendees. ( any FBI folks want to come? ). And the media is always welcome to report a positive gun story.

Why: Why not? It'll be fun as long as no one dehydrates, or goes crazy and shoots someone.

The Plan: We will meet outside at the main entrance of the hotel from 7:45-8:00a.m. Be sure to have all your guns, supplies, ammo, etc. ready to go. Once everybody is there we will leave for the shooting location. If you will be driving, and wouldn't mind giving DC-shoot people rides, please let Me know. - so we have a good idea of how the caravan might work. - you don't have to drive there with "us", but it should be fun, or at least suck less then a normal commute.

What to bring: Legal firearms, ammo, eye and ear protection (see note @ bottom of page), water, sunblock, targets that will decompose, or that you will take with you, trashbags (might be provided for you), cash if you need to shoot someone else's ammo/whatever (that's between you and them).

What not to bring: Illegal/unsafe firearms or ammo, alcohol/drugs, anything that you aren't prepared to take with you when you leave.

NOTE: If you have something you want to bring but aren't sure if it will be allowed, play it safe and don't bring it, or at least ask Me before bringing it along..

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FBI - Hey guys, come to the shoot - It will be fun
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Midway USA Reloading supplies
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Dillon Precision - Great place for reloading gear
USDA Forest Service

DC Shoot FAQ
I won't have any firearms in NV. Can I still shoot?

No. The Official Defcon Shoot is primarily intended for people that will have firearms with them in NV. If a bunch of non-gun folks show up, I don't know that they would be able to shoot anyone else's gun, or that there would be enough eye and ear protection for everyone. Try to make your own arrangements for equipment before the shoot. If you really want to go and you don't have a firearm, maybe you want to find a firearm owning friend Friday night. Note: If you are under 18 years old you are most likely SOL.

What are the range rules?

  • Everyone wears eye and ear protection. Ear protection may only be removed during cease-fires, Eye protection may be removed when at least 30' behind the firing line.
  • No shooting from a location ahead of or behind others.
  • No loaded guns off the firing line.
  • No loaded guns during a cease-fire.
  • No shooting at anything living.( Unless you hold a valid, Nevada hunting license and any appropriate tags)
  • Anyone may call a cease-fire - only the person that calls a cease-fire, may end one, and only when everyone is ready.
  • No assholes - If people non-jokingly call you an asshole on a semi-regular basis, "we" probably don't want to be around you and firearms at the same time.

Why should I secure my firearms?

Imagine the headlines... "A hacker's car full of firearms stolen"... (don't misplace a van full of Class III weapons like some folks do). You may want to check if your hotel will keep your firearms in their safe when you aren't out shooting.

Who do I talk to about going?

Please RSVP if you will probably go.
E-mail Christian Hedegaard-Schou, <chs@23.org>
AIM: bdsmchs

Footnotes? Cool...
Recommended - quality over the ears style muffs - (with earplugs is even better) - If you have a spare pair or two of "ears", please bring them. - If you have none, you can still come, someone might be able to loan you good ear protection... If worse comes to worse, you can reimburse someone for in the ear style plugs ($1.00). The in the ear plugs do not protect your ears as well as over the ear protection - moderate your shooting if that's all you have.

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