* DefCon X (10) Vendor Area FAQ        *
* Updated July 16th, 2002                        *

Welcome to the pre-planning for the DefCon Ten Vendor Area!
Last year was only slightly better than the previous years
in respect to planning, organization and communication about
how the Vendor Area would operate. This year, we're changing
all that to ensure it runs smoothly. Vendors now have their
choice of two types of tables. You will also have two different
points of contact for the vendor area starting this year.


1) How are tables reserved for DefCon?

1a) I'm hoping to begin taking reservations for vendor tables
in April 2002. This FAQ and an updated diagram of the
vendor area will be available as well. Tables will be
reserved, by the number on the diagram, on a first-come
first-served basis. Tell us which table number you want and
it will be reserved for you. Be proactive and don't just show
up at DefCon with a semi full of gear and no reservation.
The diagram of the Parthenon area can be found at:
The diagram of the Athena vendor area can be found at:

2) Is there still only one type of vendor table? What does it

2a) We *WERE* going to have 2 table types this year, but due to the
huge growth of the area, we're going to have 1 type of table (secure)
in two different areas, the Parthenon and the Athena. Each table is
still $300 and will be locked up at night. See the diagrams above
for more information.


3) Who is the Point of Contact for DefCon Vendor Relations?

3a) Most of you probably already know me, I'm Russ.
You can email me at russ@defcon.org

The new POC for the vendor area and your second shot at
getting something you need is Chris (Roamer). You can
email him at chris@defcon.org


4) What time is set up for vendors?

4a) Vendor set up will occur from 9am - 6pm, Thursday before
the conference starts. If you do not set up on this day
you will most likely lose your spot. VENDORS MUST CHECK
IN WITH ME NO LATER THAN NOON on this Thursday, in the Alexis
Park. The goons at the door will have a list of vendors
who have contacted me and have reserved tables.


5) What time does the show start for vendors?

5a) Last year we had some issues with people not showing up to
open their booth on time. THE START TIME is 10am for the vendor
area. The CLOSE TIME is expected to be 8pm. I have to maintain
a schedule or everyone in the vendor room has to hang around and
guard their stuff. All vendors will have until 8:30pm each night
to clean up and get out. :-) I want to go party too!
5b) Vendors that are in the "hang out" area need to plan on being
at their tables at 10am as well. But there is no risk in
having your stuff stolen if you took it back to your room the
night before.


6) What happens if I'm not there to run my booth?
6a) We will open the doors to the vendor area at 10am, on the dot.
If you're not there, then you risk having your stuff rooted
through or stolen. DEFCON is NOT responsible for your stolen
stuff. If you're the type of person who stays up really late
and has a hard time getting up in the morning, it might be
worth your while to pay for someone else to get into Defcon
so they can run your booth while you recover each day.

7) Is there security when the vendor area is closed at 8pm?
7a) Yes. Starting at 8pm, Dark Tangent pays for "rent-a-cops"
to guard the area.
7a) There is NO SECURITY for those vendor tables that are outside
of the actual vendor room (those for $150). That's why those
tables are less expensive.

8) Do I get a receipt this year?
8a) Yes. Absolutely. I WILL have receipts this year.
9) What should I try to sell?
9a) Well, let's see. T-shirts do well. Beer mugs. Gadgets.
Computers and hardware. Stickers. Pins.
But maybe you should try something different? Jewelry?
Bandanas? Gas Masks? DefCon Leashes? Music CDs?
Do something original and it might sell out.
I personally would like to see some shirts like the ones
at Hot Topic (dragons, flames, etc) only with the DefCon
logo on them.
10) When is final tear-down for the vendor area?
10a) I will be closing the vendor area on Sunday at 4pm. You
will have the rest of the evening to tear down.

11) How many hours of "sell" time is that?
11a) You'll have about 26.5 hours of "sell" time to dump your gear.
12) Who are the bigger vendors that I see there every year?
12a) Loom Panic is always at DefCon. They're the ones selling
all the cool books.
Jinx is there. He has the really big booth that sells all
the DefCon T-shirts, sweat-shirts, etc.

MECO is there and is run by Uncle Ira (goon). He sells a
ton of computers and hardware. Usually the only guy there
with a ton of SGI hardware.
13) Can I advertise that I will have a booth at DefCon?
13a) Once your table is reserved, you are welcome to advertise
that you'll be at DefCon. The only stipulation is that
you provide links to the DefCon home page.

14) WHEN do I pay for the table?
14a) You will pay for the table when you arrive to set up. It's
a pain in the ass running around trying to nail down vendors
after all the chaos has started. Bring the cash with you
when you get there.

15) WHO do I pay?
15a) You'll pay me or Chris. We will give you a receipt on the spot.
16) Do vendors pay to get into DefCon?
16a) You will get a SINGLE DefCon Vendor badge for each table you buy.
All other "helpers" will need to purchase a vendor badge for $75.00. You might
be able to swing a "FREE" badge by donating something of
value for the Giveaways (it should be near the retail value
of a badge).

17) Will there be vendor specific badges this year?
17a) YES! With your table(s) you will receive one DefCon Vendor badge.
You can purchase additional DefCon Vendor badges for your helpers for $75.00
18) Are there any exceptions to this rule?
18a) Of course! There always are. IF DT has set something up
with you on his own, he normally tells me. These situations
are the exception. If you feel you ARE an exception, email
me in advance and I'll double check with DT.

19) Do you allow "Not-For-Profit" charities to reserve tables?
19a) Again, this is DTs call. If you are interested in a table
for the conference, as a charity, then email me. I'll talk
to DT about it.

20) Will you have informational ONLY tables available?
20a) This is a relatively new concept for DefCon. Having tables
that don't actually "sell" anything but only provide for
information exchange. I'll consider these types of tables
on a case by case basis. They will also be in the "hang-out"
area, NOT in the vendor area.

21) Is there a discount for multiple tables?
21a) No. We assume that if you have enough gear to need more than
one table you can pay for more than one table. Obvious
exceptions to this rule are Uncle Ira (MECO) and JINX, both
of whom contribute to Defcon in MANY other ways.

22) Can more than one vendor share the same table?
22a) Sure. Some vendors are there for the fun of it and really
don't have as much to sell. These are good candidates for
sharing a table.

23) How can I maximize my space?
23a) Consider using a PVC structure behind your table to hang your
shirts on. Or maybe one of those cheap metal shelves from the
hardware store. Keep your stock UNDER your table to leave room
to move around.