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Name: ChrisEmail: churley@securitytribe.com
Skillz: No CommentGroup: Security Tribe
Slogan: DC 10 Coming soon to a network near you.
Name: See EmailEmail: sid@techknowwizards.com
Skillz: I Get AroundGroup:
Slogan: DEFCON X, because everybody knows X marks where the goods are stashed.
Name: ChrisEmail: churley@securityhorizon.com
Skillz: No CommentGroup: Security Tribe
Slogan: DefCon 0x7D2-If you have to ask, you don't want to know.
Name: Uncle IraEmail: ira@meco.org
Skillz: No CommentGroup: The Digital Jihad!
Slogan: Defcon 10: 62674 (2)(31337)
Name: [hoo[D]a]Email: nikeviper1@yahoo.com
Skillz: Still LearningGroup: BAH
Slogan: DC10 - Hackers Unite!
Name: E.G.Email: itsasecret@twopointsixkay.com
Skillz: No CommentGroup: handsinpants unlimited
Slogan: Got Boys?
Name: skrooEmail:
Skillz: I Get AroundGroup: 23.org
Slogan: Defcon X: You'd have to ask my lawyer about that.
Name: ConundrumEmail: Conundrum@observers.net
Skillz: No CommentGroup: None
Slogan: Defcon 10... Where truth meets reality.
Name: optikEmail: optik110@yahoo.com
Skillz: No CommentGroup: proxy pimps
Slogan: Def Con::It's not just another excuse for the police to arrest someone
Name: ZerodevideEmail: zerodevide@thewalledcity.org
Skillz: I Get AroundGroup: la2600
Slogan: But it was the ether that really worried me.....
Name: psykotikEmail: guy_who_knows_everything@yahoo.com
Skillz: I Get AroundGroup: freaks R us
Slogan: where were you?
Name: Solid-AcidEmail: solid-acid@solid-acid.net
Skillz: I Get AroundGroup: none
Slogan: Defcon 10, It's everywhere they wish you weren't.
Name: FUELEmail: Aeros0lik@aol.com
Skillz: No CommentGroup:
Slogan: The One You Love To Hate.
Name: noidEmail: noid@23.org
Skillz: Script KiddieGroup: twentythreedotorg
Slogan: BEGIN
20 GOTO 10
Name: phazon007Email:
Skillz: No CommentGroup: WTF, Inc.
Slogan: DCX: It's where the rabbit hole ends.
Name: justabillEmail: email
Skillz: MS pays me to keep quietGroup: Security Tribe
Slogan: There were 9 other defcons?
Name: temtelEmail: temtel@hotmail.com
Skillz: I Get AroundGroup: Digital Revelations
Slogan: 'Ever wake up with a keyboard stuck to your forehead?
Name: DunveganEmail: dunvegan@livehive.net
Skillz: No CommentGroup: LiveHive
Slogan: XDC: Not your analog rave...
Name: DunveganEmail: dunvegan@livehive.net
Skillz: No CommentGroup: LiveHive
Slogan: XDC: MDMA meets DMCA
Name: DunveganEmail: dunvegan@livehive.net
Skillz: No CommentGroup: LiveHive
Slogan: XDC: Turn On, Jack In, Traceroute.
Name: DunveganEmail: dunvegan@livehive.net
Skillz: No CommentGroup: LiveHive
Slogan: DC-10: Spy the Wireless Skies
Name: KraixEmail: Kraix@kraix.com
Skillz: Still LearningGroup: N0n3..hehe
Slogan: DCX: Adding 1 more sin to the city ;)
Name: hooyahEmail: hooyah@fo-sho.org
Skillz: No CommentGroup: unix-monkey
Slogan: DC10 "We're not what you would call...normal."
Name: Data CriminalEmail: datacriminal@hushmail.com
Skillz: I Get AroundGroup: Vagrants, Inc.
Slogan: Defcon - Fed-bashing fun for the whole family.
Name: Cunning LinguistEmail: cunninglinguist@hushmail.com
Skillz: Script KiddieGroup: N/A
Slogan: Defcon - The only place where you can end up in the desert alone, cold, and tired, with your pants around your head.
Name: @$$$boyEmail: asssboy@yahoo.com
Skillz: No CommentGroup: signalnine.com
Slogan: DCX: The root password is "asdf"
Name: kornstarEmail: kornstar@totalanarchyonline.com
Skillz: No CommentGroup: Jinx
Slogan: Defcon X Versammlung des Überhackers Gathering of the Superhackers
Name: MaximusEmail: mspivey@tstc.edu
Skillz: No CommentGroup: SERT of Texas
Slogan: DefCon 10: How Secure R U?
Name: agentFeebleEmail: agentFeeble at yahoo
Skillz: NewbieGroup: none
Slogan: Defcon 10...come on did you think it stopped at Defcon4 like in the movies? alert('Defcon X'); learn cross site scriping and other attacks
Name: GrOnEmail: jonh@naxs.com
Skillz: No CommentGroup: HackersRage
Slogan: DC-X Not just a reaon to get drunk, but THE reason to get drunk
Name: SidEmail: sid@TechKnowWizards.com
Skillz: I Get AroundGroup:
Slogan: Defcon 10: RAIDed and ready to go.
Name: sidEmail: sid@TechKnowWizards.com
Skillz: I Get AroundGroup:
Slogan: Defcon X: let the Global Thermonuclear War begin.
Name: metaphyberEmail: metaphyber@hackers.com
Skillz: MS pays me to keep quietGroup: HDC & Hackmosphere
Slogan: DefCon X: If you thought last year was big, prepare to be flabbergasted!
Name: EnderEmail: ender@leet-gamer.net
Skillz: No CommentGroup: Leet-Gamer
Slogan: DEFCON 10 : X marks the spot...
Name: 4idanEmail: JoeCool86@email.com
Skillz: 31337 HaxorGroup: Shizmook
Slogan: 0n3 n37w0rk 47 4 7im3, usin' 7h3 p0w3r if w3 g0774.
Name: TillerEmail: tillers@cyberspace.org
Skillz: No CommentGroup: Wangism.org
Slogan: BitchX: 2474kB Xchat: 718kB DCX: Information Overload When there's an X, pelvic muscles flex
Name: s0dium gl0wEmail: stevied_423@hotmail.com
Skillz: I Get AroundGroup: Covert Clothing
Slogan: DCX: Yeah, you may be able to hack the most secure servers on the net... But can you hack a 66 of Wisers???
Name: NetistoEmail: violent_ninjaz@yahoo.com
Skillz: No CommentGroup: AnonProxyPimps
Slogan: "its like heaven, but without that dying thing."
Name: h3adrush@email.com
Skillz: No CommentGroup: AnonProxyPimps
Slogan: DCX. 362 days too short..
Name: HazzardEmail: hazzard2000us@yahoo.com
Skillz: No CommentGroup: looking
Slogan: DEFCON X.....Its a hack thing......You wouldnt understand
Name: REXEmail: rex_letoutou@yahoo.fr
Skillz: NewbieGroup: none
Slogan: the security knows our passion!
Name: RussEmail: russ@defcon.org
Skillz: My Hair is GreenGroup: Security Tribe
Slogan: WARNING: The over consumption of alcohol could lead you to believe that you have mystical Kung Fu powers.
Name: RussEmail: russ@defcon.org
Skillz: No CommentGroup: Security Tribe
Slogan: Defcon is secretly funded by the FBI so they can make quota.
Name: SlappyEmail: krustybutt@mailexcite.com
Skillz: I Get AroundGroup:
Slogan: DefCon X Do you Kung Fu ?
Name: Jim AlderEmail: not@thistime.com
Skillz: Still LearningGroup: Not a joiner
Slogan: Defcon Ten: Trust No One.
Name: RagNaröKEmail: ragnarok_h@hotmail.com
Skillz: I Get AroundGroup: OneWingedAngels
Slogan: On3 hack to rul3 th3m all...
Name: cerastesEmail: spam@cerastes.org
Skillz: I Get AroundGroup: -
Slogan: DEFCON X. Hard BSD Center, Soft Chocolate Coating.
Name: corporateEmail: celsius_m@hotmail.com
Skillz: MS pays me to keep quietGroup: hbds
Slogan: DefCon X - We're the people the NSA calls for help!