P E R F O R M I N G @ D E F C O N 2 0 0 2
"The music is abominable" - Winn Schwartau

UPDATE 07.16.02

here is the line up for the Black and White Ball this year which will be running from 8pm - 4am.

The Minibosses
DJ Jerkface
Jackalope Ov Orbis
Corrupt Data
Kris Klink

UPDATE 05.08.02

DJ booking is now closed. According to Bink he's gotten enough interested DJs and now has enough interested parties to begin making the initial set list. Sorry to anyone who didnt get picked, we wish we could book everyone, but then Defcon would be several weeks long. In the event Bink requres more folks, we'll post that request here.

UPDATE 04.12.02

Well, a lot of you are wondering what exactly is going on with the entertainment this year. Allow me to take a few minutes and bring you up to speed

At first it looked as if we were not going to provide any entertainment this year. One thing we had consistantly gotten in our request for feedback was a lot of folks wanting us to lose the 'rave' atmosphere in hopes of bringing back some of the core attendees and casting off some of the "etard/hangeron/I'm just here to get high" crowd. Honestly, I am in agreement with those folks. This convention is first and foremost a convention for computer hackers, and while it does have a certain level of partying, the con should cater to the dedicated attendees. Over the years our event has strayed from that and has begun to cater to the party crowd. However, we have the means to change that. I still firmly believe that music has a place at Defcon. Music is a very big part of the hacker culture wether its goa-funk-psy-ragga-manic-trance, death metal, country, punk, or good ol' fashion rock 'n roll. I think a lot of folks who want the music done away with would change their tune (no pun intended) if they attended a music free Defcon. There is something there that adds to the overall presence of the convention itself. However, it is time for some big changes!

Every year Bink and I run the 'rave room'. Every year we get more and more acts booked, the lighting gets better, the sound gets better, and the attendance drops. Part of the problem is that people want a place to hang out and talk and work on things and the 'rave room' is not condusive to that. Sitting in a dark, loud, blacklight filled room is just fine if you're baked out of your gourd, but frankly it can be annoying if you are trying to discuss the finer points of circumventing network-based IDS systems. So this year, we're going to run the room differently. Basicaly, no fancy lighting, no pounding 90,000 watt sound system, no gabbercybergoajunglenyhardcore DJs. Just a mellow room with a bar and cocktail tables, background music, wireless and LAN access, and plenty of space to spread out and work on projects. Seems like every year a vast majority of the attendees end up hanging out in the hotel lobby and doing exactly what we're proposing to do this year. Hopefully, by providing a room you can actualy work in, we can aleviate the overcrowding in the lobby thus making the hotel happier with us. This will also help aliviate the overcrowding in the hallways as well. This also has the added bonus of having more people in the room so the DJs dont feel weird playing to an empty hall.

So, whats next? where do we go from here? This year we will be booking DJs who play Ambient, Trip-hop, Chill out, Acid Jazz, and mellow DnB (yes, such a thing exists and I have the records to prove it :) ). We will still be doing the black and white ball from 8pm - 2am on Saturday, so there will be a few slots available for some heavier stuff, but not nearly as many as previous years. On the Black and White Ball note, we will be bringing out the big guns for the party that night, so you will get one night of dark/loud/blacklight flooded/techno mayhem. I know that these changes are going to piss some folks off, but I think overall we're going to make a lot of others happy. Basicaly, Defcon's not about the party anymore. If you're the type that would be there regardless, then this should make you very happy. If you're just comming for the party, you're not gonna like what we're doing this year so save your 75 bucks and party localy that weekend instead.

And finaly, theres a new change to the organization this year. I will be leaving my duties as promoter in order to focus full time on security. For years now I have done both, but each year both jobs take up more and more of my time. Handling the security for the Con is now a full time job. In addition to that, some of you may have noticed that I'm also the webmaster for Defcon.org as well, no small task there either. I've reached a point in my life where something has to give in order for me to remain sane. Bink will be handling the whole ball of wax from here on out. I'll be around for moral and logistical support if needed, but its all him now. So, if you want to DJ, juggle, jump rope, flashdance at Defcon, then he's your man. I have enjoyed doing this for the last 4 years and especialy enjoy all the friends I have made as a result of this. If you want to reach Bink, you can email him here .


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