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DEFCON X Logo by m30w

Defcon X is happening right now and this is your guide to whats going on!

Defcon TeeVee Chan 16 is Valet Tent 1
Chan 17 is Valet Tent 2
Chan 29 is the roof tent
Chan 32 is movies
Chan 33 is the Apollo room
Chan 42 is the Alexis home channel
Defcon Speakers Speaker info is here
Defcon Schedule Schedule info is here
If you have a PDA, go visit the Dis.org booth to get a PDA version of the schedule
Streaming Speaker Audio/Video Check it all out on The Defcon Media site
Streaming DJ Audio The DJs can also be found on the Defcon Media server
Defcon NotesExchange Server Want to take or share notes from the speakers? Then go here
Defcon Network Planning Network info is as follows

LAN and WiFi networks are all DHCP. IP addresses will be assigned to you ( It should be very easy to get onto the net via LAN or WiFi

WiFi users: the SSID for the network is 'defcon' and WEP is disabled. The APs should also be broadcasting so your gear will hopefuly autodetect it. APs will be set up strategicly so that the entire hotel will be covered. There will be access in the speaking rooms (great if you are using the NoteX machine). There will also be access by all 3 pools, in the 'chill out' lounge, and in the cafe. So if you are on property, you should get signal (except maybe the parking lots)

Capture The Flag participants: The CTFNet has no internet access. Its a self contained network where anything goes. If you are on the CTFNet and can't figure out why you arent getting Inet access, thats why

Goings on For the duration of the con, check the live Defcon Forum for current chat, parties, etc
For room and ride info, check the Deathrace 2k board
And for post DC chat, check out the forums



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