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DEFCON X Logo by Boogah

This is what we've got so far.

Boogah takes everyone to school Logo by Boogah
Aggressive sends us this one. Logo by Agressive
"bdrake" gives us his first submission. Logo by bdrake
Darf attempts to make Defcon look 'snazzy'. Logo by Darf
Devildust sends us this banner. Very, very nice. Logo by Devildust
'Gser' sends us his first entry. Logo by Gser
Skunkis submits the next three for your approval. Nice graphics. Logo by Skunkis
Logo by Skunkis
Logo by Skunkis
The next two are from Spikeman. Logo by Spikeman
Logo by Spikeman
Turk sends us these. The second one is nifty. Logo by Turk
Logo by Turk
The Underground Master sends us this one. Logo by the Underground Master

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