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Well kids, its that time again. As information becomes available regarding this years DefCon, it will be posted here.

This is what we've got so far.

Speaking At DCX Here is the current call for papers link. If you are interested in giving a speech or doing a demo, this is the place to look
Official Events The Defcon Shoot
Capture the Flag
DJing and Entertainment
The Official Defcon 10 announcement in .txt form
Unofficial Events The Defcon Jump
Coffee Wars
DefCon X Slogans/Graphics Defcon Slogan Page
Defcon Slogan Submission Page
Mail the webmaster any cool DCX graphics you've whipped up
Here are some of the existing logo's we've got
Vendor Info Here is the DCX Vendor FAQ. Read it, live it, love it.
Trip Planning The SoCal Caravan homepage
The San Diego Caravan
The Bay Area Caravan
Straight outta Utah comes the 801 Caravan
Mix with other Defconers at the Defcon Web BBS
Plan your ride and room sharing at the Death Race 2k web BBS
Get more info on the city itself at Las Vegas.com
Go see these guys if you get the chance.
Or this
Visit the Alexis Park for more hotel info



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