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The Official DEF CON ELEVEN logo contest is now open.
Here are the rules, and what you could win:

Specs - aka how to set up your artwork for LOGOS

Name your entries in the following format to help us add them on-line faster: dc-11-[your-handle]-[#].[jpg/gif/psd/eps] where [your-handle] is your handle in lowercase with spaces replaced with dashes. [#] is replaced by a number representing the current logo you are submitting. [jpg/gif/psd/eps] is either a jpeg, a gif, unflattened photoshop file, or illustrator eps the four file formats accepted. For example, Net Ninja is submitting three jpeg logos. He would name the first one dc-11-net-ninja-1.jpg and the last one dc-11-net-ninja-3.jpg.

Please set the resolution to be 600dpi (for .jpg or .psd).

Send files individually or archived (.zip or .sit)

Submissions will be added on-line to the DEF CON web site, and cool logos will be printed in the con program.

Specs - aka How to set up your artwork for T-shirts & cover art If you want to also submit for t-shirts as well we will need to submit art in one of the following formats:

Photoshop (at a minimum of 300dpi at 100%) saved as .psd, layers unflattened, type rasterized. Do not DCS separate the file.

OR the much preferred

Illustrator vector (scalable) artwork, saved as .eps or .ai, layers unflattened, type converted to outlines.

Files should not be saved from Photoshop to Illustrator EPS- they will NOT separate properly or become scalable vector art.

Send files individually or archived (.zip or .sit)

Submissions will be added on-line to the DEF CON web site, and uber artwork will be printed in the con program.

What you could win

If your artwork is selected for use on a shirt or on the program cover, you will receive free admission for yourself and four people as well as five shirts of your choosing, plus bragging rights. We'll make sure your handle is on the shirt, program and website.
*Only artwork used on the program cover and/or shirt(s) qualify for the prize.
Submission Deadline Closed.
How to submit

Submit your entries by email to blackbeetle<a>
If you need more or better information, please contact blackbeetle<a>

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