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Official Events
Speaker Call for Papers

Present at DEF CON! Do you have a cool hack? Have you developed an uber tool? CFP closed.

Conference Program Call for Submissions

Conference Program Call for Submissions closed.

This is your chance to be immortalized in one of the hottest con collector's items with an immediate audience of at least 5000 (and who knows how many more once the program is put online post-con). CFP closed.

Around the World New Contest! Submit pictures of you & your friends sporting DEF CON paraphernalia in interesting locations around the world to the blackbeetle. Selected winner will have their picture in the program, free admission to the con and your choice of one of the official DC 11 Tshirts. Contest closed
Black & White Ball Dress Code
Rubber, Leather, Vinyl, Fetish Glam, Kinky, Drag, Cyber Erotic, Uniforms, Victorian, Tuxedo, Costumes... absolutely No Jeans or Street Clothes! No exceptions!!!


DC BBS goes live at the start of the show.

Capture the Flag What is DEF CON without the CTF? The Ghetto Hackers will, for the second year in a row, be organizing and running the event. Capture the Flag - Root fu. Teams have been announced.
Coffee Wars Fourth annual Coffee Wars. Stay awake, test your taste buds.
DJs Def Con 11 DJ selections are complete. See a list of selected DJs. For last minute updates, see the DJ Page.
Hacker Jeopardy

This is the TENTH year anniversary of Hacker Jeopardy. Get the history and see how you can participate.

As always, Winn Schwartau and G Mark Hardy will be hosting the gameshow event. This is the one other event, next to the CTF, where you can win a coveted leather jacket.

Logos & Artwork The DEF CON 11 logo contest is now open. Some people are starting early. See the submitted logos!

New for DC 11: Art for the masses- or suck down desktop wallpaper and icons. Contest closed.

Night at the Movies

5 different movies shown, 3 on Friday and 2 on Saturday.

Day 1 • Friday Night:
#1 Random movies, Animations, and Audio
Building on the success of last year, check out a random selection of flash, .mpg and .mp3 shorts. From "Beer Good, Napster Bad!", some Animatrix, Troops, to Apples 1984 introduction of the Macintosh computer and everything in between.

#2 Shaolin Soccer
Voted best movie of 2001 in China. An absolute must see if you are into the whole kung-fu scene. If you wanted to know where the quote on "Team evil is not so wonderful" came from, it is this movie. I don't want to give it away, but when you see the final scenes of the movie you will be blown away.

#3 Spy Games
While it's not Three Days of the Condor, it is still an great movie with Robert Redford. While on his last day of work at the CIA some trouble crops up with a past agent he used to manage. He uses all of his skills to manipulate the players in the Agency while planning for his retirement. Add Brad Pitt as a sniper and you can see where this is going. While there is no hacking going on, it is a great glimps into the mindset

Day 2 • Saturday Night:
#1 Equlibrium
Think of Farenheight 451 + A Brave New World + 1984 + THX1138 + a little gun-fu adds up to a thought provoking movie with some killer action scenes. If you missed its short run in the theatures, now is your chance to check it out.

#2 Avalon
A movie by Mamoru Oshii. Be warned this movie has subtitles, so if you don't know how to read, focus on the pretty pictures. From the back of the DVD: "In a future world, young people are increasingly becomming addicted to an illegal (and potentially deadly) battle simulation game called Avalon. While slow moving at times, you can see an influence of Tron, The 13th Floor and the Matrix in the story line. Since you wern't likely to ever see it, I thought I'd put it in the line up.

Slogans The DC-Slogan Submission page. Contest closed.
Spot the Fed Tenth year anniversary of the SPOT THE FED CONTEST


Official DefCon Swag will be available from the Defcon Store. Official DefCon branded clothing items will be available from Jinx Hackwear.

Booths will be located in the Vendor Area along with all the other hawkers of gear, clothing and other items of interest.

Official DefCon Swag: Looking for swag from years past?

TV Movie Channel This year's TV Movie Channel will be hosted by the 2600SLC & Need to veg out in your room? Veg out and watch some classics and not so classic movies. See the listings and suggest a movie.
Vendors Vendor FAQ is now online. Contact Russ or Chris directly with any questions. Vendor listings are now available.
Wallpapers & Desktop Icons New for DC 11: Create art for the masses. Submit your designs! Customize your desktop. Contest closed.

Last year was an astounding success. Go to the WarDriving Contest page. Slots are FULL. Standby registration open if you want a shot at participating this year!

Unofficial Events

Cannonball Run tommEE pickles and El_Jefe present the second annual Cannonball Run. Learn more.
Need adrenaline? The 3rd Annual DEF CON Band of Renegades Skydive
Lockpicking Contest

The first ever DEF CON Lockpicking Contest will be hosted by DC719. To sign up and to get updates and news, go to the DEF CON Forums. Need help with your lockpicking skills? Go to Lockpicking 101 for insight.

DC Notes Exchange

Inspired by the South By Southwest Notes Exchange your pals at VP Labs have decided to throw together one of their own. Quite simply, the DEFCON Notes Exchange exists so con attendees can swap and compare notes on talks in a central area. Drink too much the night before and miss a talk? Debating between two different speeches on two separate tracks? Check the notes exchange to see what other folks had to say about the talk you missed. Happen to take notes on something? Chip in. We operate on the zen like 7-11 policy of "Got a penny? Leave a penny. Need a penny? Take a penny." except until we get the Amazon micro payment tip jar up we'll just take your notes. Pay a visit to DC Notes Exchange for more info as the convention approaches.
DC 11 Shoot Entering its 7th year. See how you can participate.


Listen to cool tunes, updates and interviews.

dmz hosts "DEF CON Radio". The station will be broadcast on 93.7FM while @ the con. This will be the 3rd year of the broadcast. more coming soon

Scavenger Hunt

Third year and running. Hosted by the 2600SLC group.

Wi-fi Shootout

First annual DEF CON Wi-fi shootout. How far can you throw? Hosted by OKC 2600.

Unofficial Post Con Event

Defcon unofficial afterparty

when: Sunday August 3rd, 10p - ?
where: located at the Double Down Saloon, walking distance
why: con badges get happy hour drink specials all night.
Trip Planning
West Coast

Defcon Forum for the most up to date information.

The SoCal Caravan homepage

The Bay Area Caravan

The 206 Caravan: from WA state

General Mix with other Defconers at the Defcon Forum
Get more info on the city itself at Las
Hotel Hotel and Travel Page. Look here for all hotels offering special rates to DEFCON 11 attendees.

Visit the Alexis Park, the official con hotel. See the AP room rates.

The Alexis Park Hotel and Resort is across the street from the Hard Rock Hotel, and is several blocks from the main strip. The address is 375 East Harmon Ave in Las Vegas, NV 89109. The Alexis Park is a non-gambling hotel, so people 18 years and older can get a room there.

For DEF CON 11, to be on the hotel property you MUST have a DC 11 badge. This is a requirement of the hotel to cut down on locals just "passing through", and causing problems.

Toll-free reservation line 1-800-582-2228, you must call in order to book for the conference.

Cost of admission is $75 USD cash, onsite.

This page last updated on: Sunday, March 14, 2004

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