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DJ Action @ the Black & White Ball

1900 - 0400 • Apollo

originated by Noid at and organized this year by Bink at

for last minute updates, go to the official DJ page

Bargain DJ Collective Misc* 7:00pm
The Minibosses Punk 8:00pm
DJ Pepse Trance 9:00pm N/A
Corrupt Data Electronic IDM 10:00pm
Jackalope ov Orbis** Techno 11:00pm
Catharsis Techno/Indust 12:00am
DJ Jerkface Industrial 1:00am N/A
Idiot Stare Industrial 2:00am
Krisz Klink Psy Trance 3:00am N/A
Prophei Psy Trance 4:00am
* funk, punk, soul, new wave, mod, indie rock, brit-pop, old school hip-hop, trash, exotica, and so much more.
** Reprazenting Orbis and Dropkick

DJ Action takes place during the Black & White Ball.

Dress Code
Rubber, Leather, Vinyl, Fetish Glam, Kinky, Drag, Cyber Erotic, Uniforms, Victorian, Tuxedo, Costumes... absolutely No Jeans or Street Clothes! No exceptions!!!

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