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Announcing Capture the Flag - Root Fu
Vegas 2003 @ DefCon 11

Hosted by the Ghetto Hackers

The Ghetto Hackers are pleased to announce the Vegas 2003 Capture the Flag - Root Fu contest taking place at DEFCON 11. The contest will run from noon Friday, August 1 to 3:00 PM Sunday, August 3 with the winning team announced at DEFCON's closing ceremony shortly afterward.

Last year's game was such a success that we will be bringing back many of the strongest elements -- with upgrades -- for this year's game. Like last year there will be eight teams, each attempting to take the others' infrastructure while defending their own. Each team will be awarded points on an ongoing basis for all functioning infrastructure that they control whether hosted on their own machines or those of other teams. Also like last year, each team will pay with points for its bandwidth usage. At the end of the contest the team with the highest point total will be declared winner. Complete rules are posted at are here.

Just one question remains: Who will play? Last year's winner, Digital Revelation, is automatically qualified to play this year's game. We will fill the remaining seven slots by means of a challenge on the weekend of June 21. Have your team rested and ready for the e-mail announcement at 12:00 AM, Saturday, June 21. Seven qualifying teams will be announced on the Capture the Flag - Root Fu web site at 12:00 PM PST on Monday, June 23.

To register your team for the challenge visit and enter your team's infoz. REGISTRATION FOR TEAMS ARE CLOSED.

These are the teams that have qualified for the Def Con 11 2003 Capture the Flag:

* Digital Revelation (Prequalified, returning winner from DCX)
1 Immunix
2 Anomaly
3 SharkBait
4 Argos2
6 0x00ff00
7 Freelance

This year's qualifying round was the web authentication game from NGSEC. The first 7 teams to reach g00r00 status were chosen to play in Las Vegas. 21 teams competed in this pre-qualifying round.

For updates and more details about Capture the Flag - Root Fu visit

See you in Vegas.

-The Ghetto Hackers

This page last updated on: Sunday, June 29, 2003

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