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detok Art Submission

Submit categories and questions!

Looking for a very special H@x0r Girl.

If youve ever been to Defcon then you've probably heard about the famous Hacker Jeopardy game show.

This year is the 10th anniversary of one of our most popular events. HJ is more than just a game. It's the late night event with a guaranteed good time for all at the con. The questions are a bit different from the TV version and the contestants are definitely a lot different. Both may range from technically challenging to comically bizarre.

The hosts have their own skills and talents, but one person who is always remembered as a major elite celebrity at Defcon is Vanna Vinyl. We are looking to find the right girl to be this year's Vanna. To be considered you should have a lot of personality, a little bit of attitude and an unforgettable style.

If you are interested, contact and and tell us about yourself and why you think you should be this year's Vanna Vinyl.

Hacker Jeopardy 10th Anniversary!

Last year thousands of DefCon-ers hooted and hollered as Vanna Vinyl, Beer Betty and the HJ competitors drank their way through tough questions, meaningless trivia and nearly x-rated pictures.

One team of women, the “RRRRRs”, bet their clothing on the final round… You had to be there to see what happened… and then when Vanna and Betty decided to… well… you gotta come to see whassup.

Well, for DC11, and HJ10, we are going to continue the tradition that started in DC2. Winn went to Jeff at DC1 and said, “This is boring. Why don’t you liven this thing up?”

Jeff said, “OK. What do you want?”

Winn replied, “Oh, why not something like Hacker Jeopardy.” (I was dancing!)

Jeff: “So do it.”

And that’s how it got started, and Capture the Flag got started the same way a couple of years later.

So much for history.

Every freaking year we ask DC-ers for questions and answers in groups of 6 or 7 per category. And every freaking year we get a load of stupid questions from lamers. Lots of help that is. And the decent questions come in the night before… which really doesn’t help at all.

SO: Send your categories and questions (QUALITY! NO MORE BULLSHIT! SHOW SOME IMAGINATION PEOPLE!) and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be lucky and something worthwhile will show up. Some ideas we could use:

1. Microsoft F*-ups Since DC10
2. Why the Government is Soooo Wrong About Security 2002
3. The TSA: Good, Bad and Ugly
4. Great Hacks of 2002/2003
5. THESE FOLKS SUCK: Hall of Fame (With Pictures)
6. Anything Pictorial or Video that will fit into a PPT. Standard formats.
7. Inside the Linux Kernel
8. Security STATS
9. Hairy Animals
10. Felching 101

You get the idea.

To submit, go to

It starts, as usual, at 10PM on Friday night for two games where the teams (of up to three people each) fight it out, duke it out and drink it out with questions to our answers.

You know the Game. Winners win great gifts from Dark Tangent and DefCon. Losers get to drink. All players drink. (>21 Only). Hacker Jeopardy is rated Heavy-R, NC-17 and one year it was nearly X. You are warned.

WHO CAN PLAY? Most people play pretty lousy… but you can still try. Submit your teams to dtangent<a> and we’ll pick you out of a hat before each Game. One year a secret government group got so drunk, they didn’t answer one question right. That was humiliating. For them.

AUDIENCE PLAYS: Yup! You get to play, too. 
DefCon ends up with tons of presents and gifts that we toss out to audience members who come up with the right questions… we got to get rid of all this stuff…one year we gave away a couple dozen Sun workstations! 

Plus, you can make fun of the contestants on stage. Be rowdy. A little rowdy, not a lot rowdy. Don’t want anyone arrested again for being TOO rowdy. 

Friday, August 1, 2003: 10PM. Rounds One and Two.
Saturday, August 2, 2003: 10PM Round Three, and then the Final Round, where the winners from the first three Games compete.
Last Year’s winners can play in Final Round as Team #4, if they choose.

Members of the winning team will each win a coveted DEF CON leather jacket.

host: Winn
emcee: stealth
score keeper: G Mark
beautiful babe: Vinyl Vanna
supporting babe: Beer Betty

LAST but not least: If you have significantly good ideas of what we can do to make HJ even more entertaining than last year (if that’s possible!) lemme know. (Crying out for more naked women is not allowed. That’s a given. GET CREATIVE!)

Nuf said.

See ya there.


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