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Defcon 12 contests & events

v.12 • 2004 • July 30- August 1 • Alexis Park • Las Vegas, NV

Defcon 12 Official Contests


Black & White Ball: July 31 @ 2100 in the Apollo Ballroom. organized by Bink




wintamute/pmt munich






Catharsis (EGR Records)

Hard Techno/Industrial


Miss DJ Jackalope

Dirty Drum and Bass






Industrial/Dark Trance


Krisz Klink




California Desert Psytrance


Capture the Flag: Runs 36 hours straight in Parthenon 1. organized by the GhettoHackers.

Coffee Wars V: July 30 @ 1000 in Athena. founded by rob, ground by Foofus, brewed by Shrdlu.

DEFCON Movie Channel: DEFCON TV at its best. July 30 @ 1600 until August 1 @ 2000. TV guide included in your printed program. Tune in from your room at the AP.

Dunk the Geek: Dunking begins @ 1100 every morning. Located at Pool 2 in front of the Gazebo. Proceeds to go to the EFF.

Leetest Link

What’s this? Where’s Hacker Jeopardy? What the hell is “The Leetest Link”?

The simplest explanation is...change. It’s time to mix it up and make things better. Inject a little Hacker into another popular game show, and watch the sparks fly. We’re stepping up the pace and adding twice as much game. Let me explain.

The game begins with 8 Players standing side by side and 2:30 minutes. Game play begins with the player furthest to the left of the audience. Time ticks down with players trying to amass as many points as they can in the smallest amount of time. Each time they answer a question correctly they get a chance to answer for a higher point value.The next player after a correct answer has the option to “bank” points so they cannot be lost due to an incorrect answer. At the end of each round the players vote to remove the one player of the game. This person leaves and gets nothing, they are not the Leetest Link.Ten seconds is removed from the clock and the Leetest Link from the previous round begins the next round. The game goes on like this until only two players remain. These two will complete a final round and at the end of said round their points will be doubled and added to all previously banked points. In the final round the two players will answer five questions each with the player with the most correct answers winning the game. This player is “The Leetest Link”.

I hear you screaming already...What About Booze?!? Yes, “The Leetest Link” is a drinking game, get a question wrong or choose to pass, and you drink. In a time based game this is going to get interesting. You’ll have to go as quickly as you can while trying to stay somewhat sober, good luck.

You can sign up to participate in the Contest Room, which is located in the Athena. See you there, and hopefully on stage.

Lockpick sponsored by dc719

Night at the Movies

PGP Keysigning Party July 31 @ 1600 in Athena

Scavenger Hunt organized by dc801

Spot the Fed

Slogan Contest


Day 1

10:00-12:00 sign in/registration

13:00-13:00 Sunday Main WarDriving Contest

18:00 Scoring Server Taken Offline until the following day

18:00-21:00 Tag WarDriving Contest Mini-Game

Day 2

10:00 Scoring server back online

13:00-14:00 Running Man WarDriving Contest

18:00 Scoring Server Taken Offline until the following day

18:00-21:00 Fox and Hound WarDriving Contest Mini-Game

Day 3

10:00 Scoring server back online

13:00 All data must be uploaded

Afterhours Winners of Main Drive and Mini-Games Announced at Awards Ceremony

Vendors: Visit the Vendors in Zeus. The Vendor area opens @ 1100 everyday.

  • Blacklisted 411
  • Boblbee
  • Breakpoint Books
  • CultureJunkie
  • GetInsight4U
  • Irvine Underground
  • MECO
  • Ninja Networks
  • No Starch Press/Last Gasp
  • Overdose
  • Rootcompromise
  • Shadowvex
  • Sound of Knowledge
  • tommEE Pickles
  • UNIX Surplus
  • University of Advancing Technology
  • Rootcompromise
  • Jinx: Find official DC Clothing & Merchandise at JINX Hackwear.
Defcon 12 un-Official Contests

Cannonball Run organized by Moloch Industries

New for DefCon 12: Defcon Film Festival

DC Shoot

New for DefCon 12: IP Appliance Contest sponsored by dc480

Noteex - comment on presentations

New for DefCon 12: Robot Warez sponsored by dc858

Room & Ride Share

Returning for DefCon 12: TCP/IP Drinking Game. July 30 @ 2100 in the Apollo Ballroom. hosted by Mudge

Wi-Fi Shootout II

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