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v.12 • 2004 • July 30- August 1 • Alexis Park • Las Vegas, NV

Defcon 12 FAQs

Need to know info
Hotel & Travel

Defcon 12 Artwork

Artwork contest is now closed. See the entered artwork

Defcon 12 Contests
Defcon 12 Speakers
Defcon 12 Vendors


Visit the DEFCON Forums to meet the community.

Admission to DEFCON 12 will be $80.
All persons on the hotel property will be required to have a badge.

Defcon 12 Events
Black & White Ball
Defcon TV Movie Channel
Night at the Movies
Spot the Fed
Slogan Contest

New for DEFCON 12: the Leetest Link

Book Signings! Check out the schedule for times, dates and authors.

Dunk the Geek. Support the EFF. See the schedule for times and dunkees.

PGP Keysigning Party @ 1600 on July 31.

Cannonball Run
DC Shoot
Noteex for DefCon 12- Comment on presentations
Room & Ride Share

New for DC 12: Robot Warez
New for DC 12: IP Appliance Contest
Wi-Fi Shootout II

New for DC 12: Defcon Film Festival

Back for DefCon 12: Mudge and the TCP/IP Drinking Game.

Looking for Past Con pics? Visit

Jinx Hackwear

For clothing items from cons past, go to Jinx Hackwear, the official DEFCON clothing vendor. Jinx will be selling official DC 12 shirts and swag at the con.

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