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Post Con

v.12 • 2004 • July 30- August 1 • Alexis Park • Las Vegas, NV

Jinx Hackwear

For clothing items from cons past, go to Jinx Hackwear. They are currently carrying reprints of the super popular DEFCON 12 "Real American Hacker" and "BioHazard" T-shirts, laptop sleeves, beanies and more!

Defcon 12 Events

DEF CON earned about $1300 that went to the EFF from the Dunk Tank

Black & White Ball

Defcon TV Movie Channel

Spot the Fed

Night at the Movies: Primer

Cannonball Run. Pictures and Video. Results coming soon.

Defcon Film Festival
1st Place: Poser by thesa1nt01
2nd Place: PSA #127J by vudu & badfugu

DC Shoot

Defcon 12 Artwork

Artwork contest Winners:

"BioHazard" by Haxor
"Real American Hacker" by Jesse

Keycard: Surekill

Posters: coming soon

Defcon 12 Speakers
Defcon 12 Vendors

Thank you to all the Vendors!

Vendor FAQ
Vendors of DEFCON


Visit the DEFCON Forums to meet the community.

DEFCON 12 Presentations

Looking for Past Con pics? Visit
DEFCON 12 Program: PDF file-2.8 MB?
Badge Pics: Coming Soon

Defcon 12 Contests

Capture the Flag: Winner - Sk3wl 0f r00t

Coffee Wars V: Visit the official website for comprehensive scores, Post con wrapup, etc

  • Overall Winner: Wallenford Estates Peaberry, entered by Hook
  • BANG-FOR-THE-BUCK: Spyboy Blend, entered by Spyboy

Leetest Link

Scavenger Hunt: DEF CON 12 List

Slogan Contest

  • 1st Place: Find out what you don't know - Belka
  • 2nd Place: HomeLAN Security - ASTCell
  • 3rd Place: Your Search for "Hackers of Mass Destruction" yielded no results - apacid


  • Main Drive: 1master
  • Tag:1master, Renderman, and Panthera
  • Running Man: Eric Smith and Bill Bares
  • Fox and the Hound:Renderman and Deviant Ollam



  • Obstacle Course.
    • 1st Place Mark - 50$ UAT, TShirt (Jinx)
    • 2nd Place Grant - TShirt + UAT
    • 3rd Place Narphlan - Tshirt + UAT
  • Speed
    • 1st Place Lemon Jello
    • 2nd Place IAN
    • 3rd Place Naphlan

Robot Warez
Winner - Irvine Underground, Prize: $50 + Tshirt from UAT

TCPIP Appliance
1st Place: Skull Team, Prize: $50 + TShirt from UAT. See his cool pics!
2nd Place: IRC Team, Prize: Mini Webserver

Wi-Fi Shootout II
Most Innovative Antenna: "Turbo Crew" - 0.821 miles
Commercial "Range Box": 14.0 miles
Enchanced Power Homemade: "P.A.D" - 55.1 miles
Homemade: "P.A.D." - 55.1 miles



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DNS DNS opens networks to data attacks
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