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2005 Defcon 13 Results

Team Florida came in first place, narrowly beating out last years defenders Irvine Underground. Both teams had excellent designs and if IVU had had just a few more minutes then it would have pulled out a win.

Team Florida

Florida built an amazing R/C bot. It used wheelchair motors to get around (running at about 10% capacity to be slow enough to control) and an ingenious suction/loading mechanism to pick up the balls and deliver them to the gun mounted on top. The gun was pressurized using a propane cylinder and an air compressor, then fired using a solenoid sprinkler valve. They controlled it using two R/C controllers.

Team Irvine Underground

IVU expanded their platform from last year, keeping the base structure and drive wheels and adding the gun and collection mechanism. It ran off of computer control and was fully autonomous for most of the event. A conveyor lifted the balls from the ground up to a storage bin. The gun rotated under computer control and a gate lowered to load a ball into the barrel. The gun fired using a modified paintball gun.

The Results

Friday was open for both teams to come down and practice, so both teams had a day to do final tweaks. IVU spent many hours fine tuning the AI code that afternoon. On Saturday after lunch the event took place, about 50 people gathered around as the bots were rolled out and went through their first testing. The first round it was decided to not have a time limit, rounds two and three had a strict 7 minute time limit
 Round 1Round 2Round 3
IVU 13 Balls
1 Can (AI)
88 Points
13 Balls
0 Cans
13 Points
9 Balls
1 Can (AI)
84 Points
Florida 25 Balls
5 Can
150 Points
25 Balls
5 Cans
150 Points
25 Balls
3 Cans Gun
2 Cans Bumped
110 Points
The points were very close, IVU got its last shot off in round three at 8:30, hitting the can. If they had got it off before the 7 minutes was up they would have had a score of 159 for the win.

Check out the two videos (Florida's 2nd Run 20MB) and (IVU's run 55MB avi) and the pictures in The Gallery

We look forward to seeing everyone again next year! Check out the New Rules!