Defcon 13 Hacker Jeopardy

Hacker Jeopardy 2005

DEFCON 13 Artwork General Information


We received 1,256,917 e-mails wanting Hacker Jeopardy back, and everyone said they would come.

So, we’re gonna do it again! For the eleventh year!

10:00PM Friday, 29 July at the Big Tent. The Goons won’t let you in until 9:45PM, so please line up outside

10:00PM Saturday, 30 July at the Big Tent. Same goon think

Every year we ask, and every year a half dozen fools walk up to me at the beginning of Jeopardy on Night One and hand me some questions. Jeeeez!

This is what we REALLY want (for those of you who have never seen Jeopardy)

1.     A cool category. (Hacking, geeky, tech-news, nerd history, etc.)

2.     7 Questions and answers in varying degrees of difficulty.

3.     How hard is that?

4.     Send ASAP to: Winn@TheSecurityAwarenessCompany.Com

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DEFCON 13 Artwork Submission Requirements

Submit your teams ASAP.

1.     Max 3 people. Min 1 idiot.

2.     Team Name

3.     Name/handle and e-mail for each player.

4.     Don’t forget Beer/Wine points!

5.     Send ASAP to: Winn@TheSecurityAwarenessCompany.Com

There will also be a sign up sheet at the Info Booth at DefCon located in the contest room.

You give us prizes, we shout your name out a whole lot.

You give us lots of prizes to give out, we shout even more. Maybe even get you up on stage for a beer.

Bring your t-shirts, old equipment, dead software, broken shit, books, whatever to DefCon and have it dropped off at the NOC. (Just ask a Goon how to deliver Jeopardy Prizes to the NOC.)

We can use:

  • Real, legit shrink wrapped software worth more than kindling.
  • Working, useful new or used anything.

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