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DEFCON 13 General Information

What, where and when:
DefCon 13 will be held at the Alexis Park in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 29-31, 2005.

$80 CASH ONLY at the door.
Pre-con Early Registration will be on Thursday, July 28 from noon-10PM. Regular Registration Schedule.
There is no pre-registration for the event. All persons on the property will be required to have a badge.

Official DEFCON Merchandise:
As with last year, the official DEFCON merchandise will be available for purchase from the official DEFCON SWAG booth located in the registration area as well as the JINX booth located in the Vendor Area.

Hotel & Travel: Official or Ride+Room Share. The Alexis Park is SOLD OUT. See the HOTEL page for other hotels that have rooms blocked for DEFCON.


Visit the DEFCON Forums to meet the community, news, gossip and more.

DefCon 13 Call For Papers now closed. Selections will continue until July 1.
There will be 3 days of speaking with 3 tracks.

Selected Speakers
Current Schedule of Speakers and Events

DEFCON 13 Contests

Information on contests and events may be found at the Info Booth located in Athena, the official Contest Room. Info Booth will be open the followng times: Friday & Saturday 10:00 - 20:00; Sunday 10:00 - 16:00

Contest winners will be announced at the closing ceremonies Sunday, 16:00 in Parthenon 3-4

Artwork contest. New for DC13- ASCII Artwork. Artwork contest now closed.

  • See Submitted Artwork: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ]

DEFCON GROUPS Artwork contest. Artwork contest now closed.

  • See Submitted Artwork: [ 1 ]

Booksignings. Roamer is lining them up. Richard Thieme, J0hnny Long, Ryan Russell are among the authors who will be signing.

Capture the Flag will be hosted by kenshoto

Coffee Wars VI
Hacker Jeopardy XII - Friday and Saturday night starting at 22:00. Sign up at the Contest Booth in Athena
Lockpick Contest: Rules
PGP Keysigning Party
Photo Contest (aka Around the World). Photo contest now closed. Winners to be announced July 15.

  • See submitted photos: [ 1 ]

Robot Warez 2 rules have been posted.
Scavenger Hunt. Now in its 2nd year as an official contest. hosted by dc801.
Slogan Contest. Got something to say?
Spot the Fed XII
Wardrive. Contest rules and information now available. Registration opens June 1. Get your teams together now!


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DEFCON 13 Events



  • Defcon By Phone is an interactive voice response telephone-based schedule of the convention. Call Defcon By Phone now at (800) 732-0442
  • Female Geek Meet time and place TBA... inquire at the Info Booth.
  • DEFCON Forum Meet at in Athena, Friday, July 28 at 22:00
  • Queercon in Parthenon II, Friday, July 29 at 22:0
  • Very unofficial Band of Renegades DefCon Skydive is back for its Fifth Year!
  • The Summit is a fund raiser for the EFF, a nonprofit group of passionate people - lawyers, technologists, volunteers, and visionaries - working to protect your digital rights. Hosted by dc702.
  • The Unofficial Defcon 13 Toxic BBQ will be held for its second year on Thursday, July 28th 18:00:00 until the event dies out. The event is held in the center of Sunset Park, between the parking lot and the pirate flag. Maps, information, and pictures available at
  • Special limited edition of Zone-H comics to be released at Defcon 13: War Games
    From the website:
    Zone-h will release a special limited edition of the comics titled "War Games" during the Zone-h presentation. The presentation will be about the usage of hacker skills in an asymmetric conflict and the comic will be complimentary to the talk - our heroes going at war and living a nasty adventure that will turn into a digital nightmare.

    For those attending the Zone-H speech at the Defcon 13 conference, it may be possible to get one of the 100 colour printed CD-ROMs contaning the comic files signed in original by the authors and by the Dark Tangent himself (Defcon's mastermind).

    All the others will be able to download the comic in the traditional way directly from our website right after the conclusion of the Defcon conference.

    Have a preview of the cover at:

DC Shoot: There will be no DC Shoot this year. However we would like to thank those that have attended and supported us over the years. In addition we'd also like to thank those that have volunteered over the years to help organize the event: CHS, noid, arclight, cyber, G. Mark, Cal, and Josh.

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DEFCON 13 Vendors

Vendor Information
BreakPoint Books will be the official bookseller. All official booksignings will be held at the BreakPoint Books booth.

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For clothing items from cons past, go to J!NX the official DEFCON clothing & merchandise vendor.

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