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Discussions, latest contest updates, news and more may be found on the DEFCON Forums.


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Were back! King of the hill is a simple game, take the hill, keep the hill, for as long as possible. Who ever can do that the longest wins, its that simple. Register Now.

DEFCON 14 Artwork Contest

DEFCON 14 Artwork Contest will close June 15.
Artwork Submissions: Page 1

DEFCON 14 Beverage Cooling Contraption Contest

This contest was a BLAST last year. The BCCC - "Beverage" Cooling Contraption Contest rules and guidelines. Friday, August 4, Noon.
POC: Deviant Ollam

Capture the Flag: Kenshoto

kenshoto returns to host its second Capture the Flag.

Registration for qualifying round now open. Qualifying round to take place on June 9, 10:00PM EDT

See last year's results in graph format.

Coffee Wars

Back for its seventh year. Call For Beans will contain the last and final indisputable and immutable rules for this year. Organized by Shrdlu & Foofus.

DEFCON 14 Robot Warez

Alright boys and girls... if you wanted to get a jump on DC14, here's your chance. Robot Warez 3 is back with a vengeance. Check out the thread on the DC Forums.
POC: Kallahar

DEFCON 14 Hacker Jeopardy

Hacker Jeopardy is back for its twelfth year.
Qualifying rounds 1 and 2 will be on Friday, August 4.
Qualifying round 3 and final will be on Saturday, August 5.
This is your chance to win a coveted leather DEFCON jacket.

DEFCON Lock Pick 4

The Lock Picking Contest is back for its fourth year. This year, LPCON4 will be composed of two primary events:

The timed Lock Picking Contest and the Lock Picking Village.
POC: Doc

DEFCON 14 Mystery Box Challenge

So what is this thing anyway then? I'll tell you. Just not right now. Actually not until the day the sub-challenge starts, which will be the first day of CON.
POC: LosTboy

DEFCON 14 Scavenger Hunt

So you think a scavenger hunt is just a game for girlscouts? You think that you have the skills to stake your good name on the line and compete? Are you looking to get rid of that extra self-respect you have laying around? Then we welcome you to the rebirth of the scavenger hunt... DefCon style!
POC: Siviak

DEFCON 14 Net Appliance Contest Page

A contest for the DefCON community by the DefCON community. Create a net enabled device. Enter it. What's it all about? See the thread in the forums. See the contest page. See chaos.
POC: LosTboy and Neural

What would DEFCON be without Spot the Fed?

DC480 proudly presents the Third Annual TCP/IP Enabled Device & Peripheral Contest. Learn More. Join the Forum Discussion.
POC: UberSchnitzel

Slogan Contest. What have you got to say?

brought to you by Kenshoto

Contest POC: Russ
contact: russ ]at[ defcon ]døt[ org

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