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DEFCON 14 Speakers

In this section you will find the open community events taking place at DEFCON 14.

DEFCON 14 Call for Papers

DEFCON 14 Call For Papers will close June 15.


Riviera Hotel & Casino on-line room registration.


Discussions, latest contest updates, news and more may be found on the DEFCON Forums.


Got questions? Read the FAQ.

Pre Con


Rain be damned! The Unofficial Defcon 14 Toxic BBQ will be held for its third consecutive year on Thursday, August 3rd from 18:00:00 until the event dies out. Details of the TBBQ's location can be found at Sign on to the Defcon Forums and help plan this year's event.

The Las Vegas, NV hacker group, Vegas 2.0, is proud to announce the 2nd annual DefCon Summit!

What is it?
theSummit is a fund raiser for the EFF, a nonprofit group of passionate people - lawyers, technologists, volunteers, and visionaries - working to protect your digital rights.

During the Con


New for DEFCON 14: the Skybox. These rooms will overlook the contest, CtF and Vendor area and will be available by reservation only. More information soon on how you can get your hands on one of these spaces.

Top of the Riv

Top of the Riv for neverending DJ action and the Black & White Ball. Party all night (and day) above the strip.

Top of the Riv

Once again the Dunk Tank will be here, you can dunk a friend or foe to help raise money for the EFF. Last year this event raised $5500.00 for the EFF. Please help this government watch dog that is protecting our privacy. One of the EFF's current endeavors is fighting the White House and NSA from tracking who you have conversation with. All proceeds benefit the EFF's fight to protect your digital civil liberties. All contributions are tax deductible and receipts will be available.

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