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For the first time in seven years, DEFCON was held at a new location: the Riviera Hotel and Casino. Admission was $100 Cash at the door. Let planning for DC 15 begin.

DEFCON 14 Call for Papers

DEFCON 14 Call For Papers will close June 15.


Riviera Hotel & Casino on-line room registration.

General hotel information and rates.

The Riviera is sold out. Group rates at nearby hotels are available.


Discussions, latest contest updates, news and more may be found on the DEFCON Forums.


Got questions?
Read the DEFCON 14 FAQ. Or read the general DEFCON FAQ


Download RECEIPT

PDF of con program: coming soon


Artwork Submissions (Winning Design–used on Goon Shirts: Haxor

Beverage Cooling Contraption Contest winner: DC702 (bryan and rob) who, on their best run, dropped a beer from 92.5 degrees to 36.1 degrees in two minutes.

CTF: Winner - Team L@stplace

Coffee Wars:

  • Overall Winner - Steve Tornio with ALTERRA DELTA MUD at $9.45/lb
  • Bang for Buck - Qubit with Brian's Panamanian Peaberry Perfection at $4.80/lb
  • Holy Crap - Dark Tangent with Poo Maximus at $180/lb

Lock Pick Points Competition

  1. WSB Press
  2. Chris Pentacall
  3. Sam Duffy

Lock Pick Speed Competition:

  1. Omikron
  2. WSB Press
  3. Warelock

L0stboy's Mystery Box Challenge:

  1. Team LastMinute
  2. Team Halibut
  3. Team Nostromo Crew

Scavenger Hunt

  1. Vegas 2.0 - 9450 points
  2. AUM - 9195 points
  3. DefG - 4394 points

Slogan Contest

Mad Jester: Society doesn't understand me, and technology fears me.

Runners up:
v1s10n: In silence I lay, for that fateful day. Ø-day!

Addictus: Subversion Illuminated

Strom Carlson: DefCon: Where goons stay sober so you don't have to!


We now support https on both the website and forums.

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