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Tesla CoilDEFCON will take place at the Riviera in Las Vegas, NV, USA, August 3-5, 2007.

It's almost Defcon Time again. The speakers are all selected, the schedule is set, and the Vegas weather is being tweaked for maximum facemelting value. In a few short days, the party will begin for the 15th time.

There's a lot new this year. For the first time, our traditional Movie Nights will contain a World Premiere. The film is called "Infest Wisely" and its writer Jim Munroe will be on hand for questions and discussions following the screening. For more information about this clever and ambitious film check out the website at

The contests are back, and we've added a Guitar Hero contest for all you closet shredders. Sign up and put those hard-earned but commercially useless skills to good use. Can't shred, even on a hokey 4 button guitar? Can you assemble tasty foodstuffs all containing some secret ingredient revealed to you only hours before mealtime? We've got a Titanium Chef competition just for you.

Check out our contests and events pages to learn all the new ways we've come up with to fill the space between the parties, or just to reassure yourself that your favorites are still right there where they belong.

We're proud of the roster of speakers and talks we're presenting this year, and we're opening up some Q & A rooms to make it easier to continue the conversation beyond the time constraints of the schedule. Take advantage of the opportunity to expand the conversation and knowledge sharing that remains the heart of Defcon.

For a little knowledge about how to maximize your trip, check out our "Be Prepared" section. For last minute info on rides and accommodations, check out the Ride and Room Sharing section of our Forums.

Bring extra socks, curiosity and sunscreen, and we'll see you in Vegas.

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