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black and white ball -DEFCON 15Black & White Balls, Bands, DJs and more: Black & White Balls - sign up and submit your ideas and requests for the B&W Ball. We want your requests and or applications for DJ's, Cool Music and what ever else to rock the night with!
Toxic BBQ 4 The fourth annual Toxic BBQ will occur August 2nd, 2007, Sunset Park, Las Vegas, NV. This Event Will Take Place Rain or Shine.

LPCon 5 Lockpicking Village: This is where there have been lockpicking, presentations, impromptu peer-education, sample tools, practice locks, and fun! This event has included local and remote support of people from TOOOL, TOOOL-USA, LSI, and more.
Wireless Village: The Church of WiFi excitedly presents the Defcon 15 Wireless Village. Topics could include but have no limitation: 802.11x, 802.16, Bluetooth, IR, CDMA, GPRS, Amateur Radio... think it, do it! The sub-con will be home of amazingly super-krad breakouts, demos, contests, and the finest invisible hand-on activities folks can dream up between now and August.

Wireless Village Breakout Sessions (in the Wireless Village, Skybox 209):
Note: Each breakout session precedes the related contest by one (1) hour.

WPA Cracking Breakout Session
Friday 13:00 - 14:00

WEP Cracking Breakout Session
Saturday 11:00 - 12:00

Direction Finding Breakout Session
Saturday 14:00 - 15:00

RFID Locating Breakout Session
Sunday 12:00 - 13:00
theSummit theSummit is a fund raiser for the EFF and The Hacker Foundation. It will be held Thursday August 2nd, 2007 in the Skyboxes of event center. For more information regarding this event, check out the Official Website:

EFF Dunk Tank Once again the Dunk Tank will be here, you can dunk a friend or foe to help raise money for the EFF. Please help this government watch dog that is protecting our privacy. One of the EFF's current endeavors is fighting the White House and NSA from tracking who you have conversation with. All proceeds benefit the EFF's fight to protect your digital civil liberties. All contributions are tax deductible and receipts will be available.
Defcon Movie Night This year's Defcon Movie Night will feature the WORLD PREMIERE of the new and highly buzz-worthy film "Infest Wisely." The film is centered around the increasingly less science-fictional world of commercial nanotechnology and it's been described this way:
"Infest Wisely asks what would happen if Critical Mass teamed up with the geeks from DefCon to stop commercialized nanotech from taking over our bodies and the world."
It's a feature length movie in seven episodes, each with different directors but all written by novelist Jim Munroe, who will be our special guest for the screening. As always, there's no charge - come join us and support cinema licensed under the Creative Commons.
For more information about the film, you can check out its website.
: : Q U E E R C O N : : You're smart, you're cute, and you think boys kissing is hot. Well, we think you're awesome! Join us on fabulous Friday for friends and fun...

>> the mixer <<

4pm-7pm: Kick back, relax, and enjoy great drinks and lively conversation in a casual atmosphere. We'll be giving away free swag, and your first drink is on us! [21+ w/ID to drink, glbtq please]

(( club queercon ))

10pm-late: What happens when you combine top-notch underground hacker DJs with a bumping sound system and a crowd of incredibly awesome people like you? Only the most amazing dance party EVAR! :) [all ages, glbtq+friends]

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