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Tesla CoilDEFCON 15 took place at the Riviera in Las Vegas, NV, USA, August 3-5, 2007.

A receipt for admission can be downloaded by clicking here.

A pdf of the con program here. (7.3MB pdf)

Another DEF CON is in the books, and I think this one was a huge success. This year we had over seven thousand attendees - probably a new record. The most popular video of the NBC reporter being chased out of the con has more than six hundred thousand views and counting. This year's badge tops all badges everywhere. Over all an incredible 15th year anniversary!

It's gratifying to see the show so vital after all these years. There's no way to predict this sort of success when you're starting out, and it's great to see that after all this time the attendance is still strong and the attendees are still enthusiastic and involved. Next year the amount of space available to us will grow again at the Riv and you can look forward to more awesomeness.

Thanks to everyone involved in this success - the Goons who make the whole thing run, the teams who dream up and run the contests and events, the ever-increasingly clueful press who seem to "get" us more every year and most of all the Speakers and Humans whose presentations, interest and excitement makes all of this possible.

If you have pictures of this con (or any previous con) you'd like to share, please upload them to We're trying to create a visual record of all the shows and your help is appreciated. Just create an account and start uploading pictures and videos!

As always, if you want a voice in how this all comes off next year, jump into our forums and join the conversation. That's where the shows take shape. Have an idea for a killer contest? Want to suggest a topic we should look into? Make your voice heard. DEF CON is your con. Thanks for making such a success of it - and I'll see you in the forums.

-Dark Tangent

Contest Results
Wireless Contest
Tiered Challenge Mini-contest
1st: Votre
2nd: Kile

WEP Mini-contest

WPA Mini-contest

RFID Mini-contest
1st: RFIDMolesters (MFreek and Z2)
2nd: RFIDi0ts (tOolb0x, scorpion!!!, and krassie)

An interesting note: The teams in the RFID mini-contest found also some "unknown" RFID tags during the course of the contest. The RFIDMolesters found two unknown tags, the RFIDi0ts found an additional three tags.
Badge Hacking Contest
There were seven official entries in this year's contest: one hardware-related, five software-only, and one "case modification." Honorable mentions include Mike Schiraldi's Python-based badge emulator and game of DefPong, the hacked-up piece of white plastic that passed the DEFCON security checks, and software modifications from a variety of teams to turn the badge into a clock, slot machine, game of life, and version of the Stacker amusement game.

Second place went to the "Slackers" team of Botten and Dov, who created a single sign-on generator which displayed the password on the badge and worked with the Windows-based, open source pGina user authentication scheme.

The winning contest entry from Team Osogato was the only entry that combined hardware and firmware modifications. They hacked the badge into a line-level meter for under $10 in additional components that used the LED matrix to display the peak audio levels of an audio signal fed into one channel of the A/D. The two capacitive touch buttons are used to adjust the input levels of the signal and there are even three shades of "greyscale" for a fading effect on the LEDs. For the icing on the cake, the team worked with The Brothers Grimm from Michigan ( to create a rap song based on my poem that I wrote for the DC15 program (on page 3, what an honor!). The song is freely available from

Full badge schematics, assembly information, pictures, and source code and links for some badge hacking entries will be available shortly on my website at
Coffee Wars - Top 5
Professor Rad
Vann Harl
Ring of Fire
Freaky Bean French Roast
Brians Mexican Blend
New Guinea Kimel A
Three Stone Kona
Lockpicking Contest
Lockpicking Skillz
Schuyler Towne
Steve Best
Chris Pentacoff
Lockpicking Points
Chris Pentacoff
Sam Dufley
Wes Kline
Lock Field Stripping Contest
Steve Best
Sam Dufley
Guitar Hero II Contest
Medium: Crash  
Hard: kbZod  
Expert: Evan Broder  
LosT @ Con Mystery Challenge
Team Everyone (finished 11:30 am Sat, 22.5 hrs to complete)
Team Taryltons
Team Security Catalyst
Total teams to complete the challenge: 13
Percentage of teams to complete the challenge: 52%
Total Boxen weight (combined): 821.128 lbs ;)
Øwn the box? Own the box!
We didn't give away any hardware this year, which surprised all of us. Even boxes that were there to be given away (PyGopherd? Running as root? Plus rservices? On 4-year old Debian? Wha???) were still there, and were donated as prizes to the ScavHunt.

Thanks much to all who brought gear or banged on stuff. Just an attempt to be silly and have some fun.
Most evil entry:
Tatsumori (Gentoo Hardened with arp poisoning evilness)
Prom Queen:
NBender (NeXTOS, aka Club Vandersexxx)
Best Single Board Defender:
CiscoStu (
WTF is that???:
Tie between Puking Monkey (Solaris 7 from Hell) and NBender (Club Vandersexxx)
Own the Fed:
Thanks. You know who you are.
Hey! That box is older than DefCon!:
0xB0B, RS6000, Sun IPX
Beverage Cooling Contraption Contest
two teams: Beer-Fu & Team Hebrew

Team Hebrew dropped a beer from 93.0 degrees to 37.4 degrees in a minute (.926 degrees/sec of cooling)

Team Beer-Fu dropped a beer from 91.0 degrees to 35.8 degrees in a minute and five seconds (.849 degrees/sec)

With these cooling rates being nearly identical, it came down to the fact that Beer-Fu had a cleaner-running device (almost no spillage/foam/line freeze) and resulted closer to the target temp.

Winner: Beer-Fu
Guess The Flesh
While many people participated, only a few folks were able to identify more than one meat sample correctly. aside from the couple of people who identified two meats properly, there was really only one major standout champion...

winner: Josh

Josh accurately identified all six meats in the contest sample platter: venison, antelope, buffalo, ostrich, kangaroo, and goat.
Titanium Chef Challenge
Three teams: The Schemers, The Sudoers, and Team Smoke

All three teams were very impressive. The Schemers offered up the best beverage pairing, getting high marks for the use of a set of local beers from Angry Hank's brewery. The Sudoers overcame the handicap of being all vegetarians (and thus not sampling their own food) and completed the cuisine most representative of a culture (they made a lovely mexican assortment).

However... Team Smoke, in addition to having the finest presentation (with use of actual cutlery and plates), made the best focus of the theme ingredient (which was Hog/Swine) and therefore was the champion.

winner: Team Smoke
aCTF III - King of the Hill
Sudoers - score 2143
neg9 - score 1533
Robots Get Wedgies Too - score 1467
DefconBots Contest
Octopi - 16.6 sec.
Asimov - 35.6 sec.
HBL - 2:00
Hacker Jeopardy
HACKER JEOPARDY 13 results for DEFCON 15 (full write-up here):

Host: Winn
Judge/scorekeeper: G. Mark
Vanna Vinyl: Banasidhe
Beer Betty: Trinity (Friday), Apples (Saturday)
Tech crew: Ryan, Korey

Winner of the Thirteenth Hacker Jeopardy was KUMQUAT, consisting of Charley, Anuj, and Josh.

Special awards:

Humperdink Award (most beers consumed in one round): Drunken Whores (27) Special recognition goes to Queeg, who spontaneously combusted.

High Maintenance Award: Trinity (Beer Betty), who walked off the job because she didn't like the abuse we dish out during the game. Tough shit.

George W. Bush 2000 Award (worst win in history): Kumquat.

Special thanks to Banasidhe (Ban-shee), AKA Vanna Vinyl, for her wardrobe malfunction (again) that raised well over $1,000 for EFF at the Dunk Tank.

See you again next year!

Scores and results certified by G. Mark (judge and scorekeeper)
Scavenger Hunt
Team Om - 1895 pts.
Team DefG - 1655 pts
Team J/B - 1350pts
with thanks to teams, Vengance, PootieTang, HaxorNinja and Overkill
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