It's that time again, art ninjas!

Whip out your favorite medium and get to creating, because the official DEF CON 17 Art Contest is now underway, and will run now to June 15, 2009.

The Object

The goal for this year's artwork contest is to create a piece of art you would see plastered on a wall, mailbox, telephone pole or bumper of a car of the nearest urban center. What we're looking for is an underground feel, reminiscent of DIY 'zines, gig posters, or pulp comics. You may use only black, white, and one additional color of your choosing (grayscale is ok).

There will be three categories:

Poster design: 11"x17" poster, either portrait or landscape. Think band poster for some subversive act.

T-shirt design: No larger than 9"x14" portrait. specify shirt color, and be sure to use the shirt color in the design. Something you could wear in public, but has some hidden meaning. Include a mockup file to show placement on a shirt along with artwork to size it would be printed.

Bumper Sticker: must be square or rectangular no larger than 4" high and/or 12" wide. Bumper stickers are the original Twitter!

- Halftones or Ben-day dots
- Photos with stark contrast (50% threshhold), possibly collaged

Use your imagination! You are free to choose your subject, but be sure to incorporate hacker related aspects into your piece, such as tech, locksport, anti big-brother, etc. Use of the DEF CON logos is allowed, but will not be provided by DEF CON.

Entries will be posted at for viewing and peoples choice voting.

Prizes will be awarded as follows:

Poster Winner – Free Admission to DEF CON 17, $75 Credit at Swag Booth

T-shirt Winner - Free Admission to DEF CON 17, $75 Credit at Swag Booth

Bumper Sticker Winner – Free Admission to DEF CON 17, $25 credit at Swag Booth

People’s Choice ( vote) – Free Admission to DEF CON 17, $25 Credit at Swag Booth

The Rules:

IMPORTANT! Submissions not fitting these criteria will be subject to rejection and possible ridicule. By submitting, you grant DEF CON the right to reproduce your artwork with reasonable attribution in any way we see fit without compensation. We reserve the right not to choose a winner in any/all categories.

Any medium may be used, as long as the final submission is in a specified digital format. If you use stock photos, art, etc., make sure it is either public domain or that you own the rights to it. The design must include the text:

Las Vegas

Submission Deadline: All submissions must be received by June 15, 2009
Submit entries to: neil [at] defcon dot org
Submission info to include: Real name (your identity must be verifiable to collect a prize) and desired nick/handle if any; and a title and description of your piece.

Dimensions and Specs: All entries must be within size parameters listed above. Acceptable raster entries must be flattened, and 225dpi in .eps, .tif, or .jpg format. Acceptable vector entries must be in .ai (Adobe Illustrator), .eps or .pdf format with type converted to outlines and any raster effects set at high quality. Delivery is the responsibility of the entrant, if the entry is too large to email you may post it online for download.

Thanks, and good luck!