Presented here are the contest results gathered so far for DEF CON 17. For more info on individual contests, check out their pages and forums to the right. If you have results you'd like to add, contact neil [at] defcon ]dot[ org and they'll get posted.

Capture the Flag 2009

Binjitsu results!

VedaGodz finish just barely ahead of Routards. For those that were not at the awards ceremony, sk3wl bowed out due to a conflict of interest.

final rankings:

1. VedaGodz
2. Routards
3. PLUS@postech
4. Shellphish
5. Sexy Pwndas
6. Song of Freedom
7. Sapheads
8. lollerskaterz dropping from roflcopters

More stats, pretty graphs and pcaps to follow at

Hacker Jeopardy 2009

Host: Winn Schwartau
Judge/scorekeeper: G. Mark
Vanna Vinyl: Happy FunBall
Beer Betty: Li'l Jinni

Winner of the Fifteenth Hacker Jeopardy was NiceHat (Gray), consisting of POPS, EMK, and JPTerr0r.

Overall results for 2009:

Friday, July 31, 2009
Round 1:

Little Shop of Hackers (Greg, John, TacMan): negative 400 points. [How the hell do you expect to win Hacker Jeopardy with handles like "Greg" and "John"???]

Archon (Rudeboy, Exibar, Happy): negative 2,100 points. [Geez! This sets a new record for the worst score in history.]

WINNER: NiceHat (Grey) (POPS, EMK, JPTerr0r): 2,100 points

Friday, July 31, 2009
Round 2:

*Vegas 2.0 (HackAJar, Packet Baron, Mr. TBD): 1,400 points [third time's the charm -- they actually finished a round with points. None from correct answers, though. *sigh*]

Internet Help Desk (Marc, Adrien, Stephen): negative 1,600 points. [DEFINITELY don't outsource to these guys!]

WINNER: Whopis (whopis, Reid, Mac Smith): 6,700 points. [Might be the record; gotta check the books. Looks like a heavy favorite for Final Hacker Jeopardy.]

Saturday, Aug 1, 2009
Round 3:

Bunnies for Priest (dotzero, phenfen, fizzgig): 1,799 points. [If they would have gotten the final answer correct, they would have made final HJ. But they did wear funny bunny ears.]

The Reds (Sir, Kaiser, Feech) - aka "Evil Vendors": negative 1,000 points. [First time we allowed a single-vendor team. Not to embarrass them based on their performance, but I think the initials for the company are McAfee.]

WINNER: MobileDisco (Jolly, Zfasel, Sakebomb): 2,199 points. [Were way behind at the end, but bet all but one and got it right. Gotta love come-from-behind endings.]

Saturday Aug 1, 2009
Final round:

Whopis (whopis, Reid, Mac Smith): 1,600 points. [The only team to get the final hacker jeopardy answer correct, but they were too far behind to catch up.]

MobileDisco (Jolly, Zfasel, Sakebomb): 0 points. [Bet it all and lost it all. 'Nuff said.]

Team Godwin (shardy, hypatia, F*ckin' Alex): 499 points. [Honorable mention for 14 beers. Would have won it all if they knew the right final answer.]

**NiceHat (Grey) (POPS, EMK, JPTerr0r): 2,399 points. [Winner! But so drunk at the end that their answer had something to do with Winn's tux. Good thing they didn't bet it all.]

Winner of Black HAXOR badge: NiceHat (Grey)

NOTE: Last year's defending champion team NYMPHS (Billy GOTO, Foofus, BobCat) didn't defend. Hey, just because you got laid off and are living in the gutter doesn't mean you can't ride a railcar to Vegas.

Special awards:

* Rosie Ruiz Award (look it up): third year of cheating bigtime (using 3GL cellphones to look up answers, cellphone earbuds connected to audience members doing Google searches, digging beer bottles out of the trash and putting them on the stage to try to get credit.) Still didn't win.

** Humperdink Award (most beers consumed in one round): NiceHat (Grey): 20. One short of Vegas 2.0's 21 beers from last year, but they were probably cheating then as well.

Final Hacker Jeopardy Question:

Category: Nerds

A: He coined the term "nerd" in a 1950 picture book.

Q: Who is Doctor Seuss (Theodore Giesel)? [Book: If I Ran the Zoo]

Scores and results certified by G. Mark (judge and scorekeeper)

DEF CON 17 Badge Hacking Contest

We had 32 contest entries this year up from twenty of DEF CON 16 and seven of DEF CON 15. The submissions ranged from simple firmware modifications to hardware modifications to additions of random things using only the badge as a mounting plate. Words cannot describe how awesome it is to see what people come up with each year, especially after the torturous design process of the badge!

Those who know me know I play no favorites, but with more close friends participating in the contest each year and with the overwhelming number of submissions to decide from, I decided to bring on The Dark Tangent and Zac Franken to help with the judging. We each reviewed the submissions and selected our favorites, then narrowed down the Top 3 and Honorable Mention from there. A few people have said "You shouldn't allow friends to participate in the contest," which would rule out a large majority of DEF CON. The contest exists to award the most ingenious, obscure, mischievous, or technologically astounding badge modification created during the weekend and is supposed to be fun and encourage people to try new things and show off their skills. Nothing more than that, nothing less.

For next year, as opposed to awarding the Top 3 in an all-inclusive category, I'm thinking of creating multiple categories and choosing a winner in each one:

* Best hack using available features (for example, this year would have been microphone, LED, and digital signal controller functionality)
* Most relevant to DEF CON
* Most mischievous or obscure
* Best use of a previous year's DEF CON Badge

However, since there is only *one* black badge to give away, the overall winner would then be picked out of those category winners. If you have any thoughts on this, let me know.

DC17 Badge development information (schematics, firmware, slides, links to badge hack project files, etc.) can be found on my site here:

Pictures of all the entries are here:

And, some videos here:

Thanks to everyone's support and participation. I hope to see you next year!

Joe Grand aka Kingpin

1ST PLACE: Anti-Surveillance System by Zoz
This entry comprised two phases:

1) Defeating automated facial recognition by generating alternating colors and patterns of light at a frequency slightly less than 60Hz in order to create optical noise (based on research demonstrated at the 2006 ACE, Advances in Computer Entertainment)

2) Aiding in bypassing PIR motion sensors ala the movie Sneakers using the DEF CON 16 Badge. The badge had a temperature sensor to let you know when the room was the proper ambient temperature (body temperature is ideal) and then a servo motor would move two plastic feet to guide the user as to how slowly to move through the room to not trip the system (two inches per second in the movie).

2ND PLACE: Sound-Fearing Blimp by Team Hack the Badge
Three badges attach to the bottom of a toy blimp. Each badge drives a fan based on the sound level detected on its microphone, which effectively steers the blimp away from high noise areas.

3RD PLACE: Multifunction Dialer & Voice Amplifier by 501d3r Guy
A multifunction dialer with three different modes:

1) Blue box/MF
3) Voice amplifier

Could easily be expanded to support other tone/frequency generation.

HONORABLE MENTION: Super Mekka Uber Badge Hack by Smitty & The Minions/Team Halibut
This was the only team to combine all seven badges together, complete the puzzle, and take advantage of the badge-to-badge communication feature. They modified the stock firmware to perform some LED animations across all of the badges. A great exercise in teamwork and social engineering.

OTHER ENTRIES (in no particular order):

John & Nathan Liddle

Breathalyzer add-on (no badge connection)

OLED Display playing DEF CON videos via SD card (no badge connection)

Pseudo Random Lighty Pathy Thing
LED movement on an X-Y grid of LEDs based on some PRNG and Fibonacci sequence wackiness

Kris (UAT)
Paper Electronic Badge (did not function)
Tried to recreate the badge circuitry on one of the temporary paper badges.

32-bin FFT with 15 PWM-controlled LEDs and selective display of dominant frequencies.

Mercury Switch Reset ("Shake to reset" to avoid sleep mode)

Optimized Tomfoolery
Geiger counter-based RNG w/ serial output

Matt Shepard
Pseudo Accelerometer LED Output
(intended to be a musical instrument, but he ran out of time)

Polygraph Test (GSR & heartrate, filtering w/ DSP & Neural Network)
Voice input had no effect, but would have been cool
Seemed to work well when he asked all sorts of incriminating questions!

WiFi Jammer
External VCO hacked from digital camera and controlled from the badge's RGB LED output.
2.4V-2.9V PWM output from LED
Works approx. 50-60ft.

Bo & Brad
Real-Time Power Spectrum Analysis aka "Chick detector"
Microphone input from badge passed via serial port to a PC for more complicated offline processing and GUI display

Fort Awesome
- Recording audio onto SD card (@ 4kHz sampling)
- Keystroke detection (offline processing on PC), audio & neural network training w/ 70-80% accuracy based on previous research
- Self-patching reset vector in firmware

Team Bash Fork Bomb :(){:|:&};:
Light(-based) Beer Fetcher (did not completely function)

Team Bash Fork Bomb :(){:|:&};:
Battery-powered web server (using DEF CON 16 Badge)
Website stored on SD card
Project page:

OLED Display w/ Bluetooth Scanner and Real-time Microphone Input Power Meter
Mark Renouf & Jason Scott
BBBS (Badge Bulletin Board System)
Serial communications, LED control, menuing system
(didn't get completely working)

Jason (on behalf of Thinkhaus)
Analog (Paper) to Digital Badge
Recreated the badge circuitry on a perfboard, created an aluminum case for it using military resources at Nellis AFB

White LED bling w/ pedometer hack (no badge connection)

Captain Ahab & The Whalers
Tilt-Sensing LED Control
(wanted to do two-player Simon w/ FFT tone recognition, but ran out of time)


- Exclusive Peek Inside Defcon’s High-Tech Badge, July 29,
- DEF CON 17: Early Badge Details, Hack a Day,
- The Hacker's Badge Of Honor, Forbes, August 4,
- Hacking the DefCon 17 Badges, Threat Level, 8/4,
- Hacking the Defcon 2009 badge, NetworkWorld.TV (YouTube), 8/3/09,
- Kingpin's Defcon 17 badge, MAKE, 8/3,
- Hacking the Defcon badges, InSecurity Complex, CNET News, 8/5/09,

Coffee Wars X

Agent X, with coffee from his favorite coffee shop (Tango Blend) won Coffee Wars.

Thirty Five Entries? You people are insane (and so are we)! The official results are in. (Top three listed here)

1. Agent X - Cafe Mam Tango Blend
2. Dave Aaron - Ethiopian Sidamo Dana St. Roasting
3. Panthera - Rancho Sao Benedito Ð Brazil

Speed Picking

1. jgor
2. schuyler
3rd & 4th (tie)) chris pentacoff & tchouky

DC Shoot Marksmanship

1. steve b
2. sereyna

Gringo Warrior

1. Nuclear Steve
2. valanx
3. schuyler

Beer Cooling Contraption

1. team ad-hoc
2. team He-brew
3. team sax

Team Fortress 2

Team Winner: mobiledisco
Individual Winner: /dev/whack

Scavenger Hunt

Sweaty Man Business, salem, penguin, evil mofo

Geo Challenge

1. Turbo Turtles
2. Tri Landas
3. Arrogant Bastards


1. quail
2. vand
3. neg9

Social Engineering

1. swagalicious / phat32
2. zj0nk
Honorable mentions: cipherFX, I-Hacked, madmex, Damno Valenz