Playing at: Saturday Pool Party (7pm-8pm)

Bio: NA

Soundcloud: (nothing posted)

Affiliations: NA

Official Sites: DJ AMP Myspace


Playing at: Friday Chillout (5pm-6pm)

Bio: Corruptdata played the B&W Ball from 1998 to 2004 and only stopped because the band split up for 4 years ago. When we started playing together again, just a few months ago, we decided that we would play everything live with minimal to no sequencing. Our songs are never the same now and very organic. Sounds and moods are more experimental & take longer to form. To us the new sound is incredible and much better then ever before.


Affiliations: NA

Official Sites: Corruptdata Myspace

Digital Phreak

Playing at: Friday Chillout (4pm-5pm)

Bio: With this being his first gig after a six year "retirement" Digital Phreak is ready to rock the dance floor once again. Hailing from Los Angeles,CA, Digital Phreak has dj'd for parties hosted by porn star Ron Jeremy to the desert and mountain raves of California. Whether its Hard / Psy trance or techno that he is spinning, he is sure to make you dance your ass off.

Soundcloud: Digital Phreak SoundCloud (nothing posted)

Affiliations: Digital Autopsy

Official Sites: Digital Phreak MySpace


Playing at: Black Ball, Friday (10pm-11pm)

Bio: NA

Soundcloud: NA

Affiliations: DnB Radio , NSB Radio

Official Sites: NA

Felix Kay (DJ)

Playing at: Friday Chillout (3pm-4pm), Saturday Pool Party (9pm-10pm)

Bio: NA


Affiliations: NA

Official Sites: NA


Playing at: Friday Chillout (10am-11am)

Bio: What's up this is DJ Fillmatic from San Diego, CA. I've been a DJ for 14 years and have done everything from compete at DMC/ITF DJ Battles, spin at massive raves and open up concerts in stadiums. I spin Top 40, Hip-Hop, Mashups and Electro House. I still make scratch music also.



Official Sites: Fillmatic MySpace Fillmatic Tumblr

Great Scott

Playing at: White Ball, Saturday (9pm-10pm)

Bio: Your friendly DEF CON-17 music content organizer. "Tweaky" bastard. An electronic music heathen and artist, with an unhealthy obsession - releasing with Muti Music. Radio show host on 91.7FM, KTRU Houston. Founder of Internet radio station Glitch.FM. host.


Affiliations: Muti Music, Sango Music, Scarcity Records, Glitch.FM, NSB Radio, KTRU

Official Sites: Great Scott - Official Site Great Scott MySpace


Playing at: Saturday Chillout (1pm-2pm)

Bio: HoaX currently maintains weekly residencies on and, pushing the latest sounds in breaks and tech funk.

Soundcloud: HoaX SoundCloud (Nothing posted)

Affiliations: NuBreaks Radio , Sound Check Radio

Official Sites: HoaX MySpace

Krisz Klink

Playing at: Black Ball, Friday (1am-2am - Saturday Morning)

Bio: I have been DJing since 1981 spinning 80's New Wave then Deathrock / Goth in the mid 80's at Zombie Zoo. In 1987 I also was an integral part of forming the early Acid House warehouse (rave) parties in Los Angeles and Burningman DJing early Goa Trance. In 1990 opened Kontrol Faktory (Industrial EBM) and closed in 1998. I was a resident DJ at Das Bunker for couple years. I have been DJing Defcon for well dont remember the first year ( hell of a long time ). Ok I can go on for a while I left out alot but thats good enough to get the point. I will be DJing Psytrance at Defcon 17.

Soundcloud: Krisz Klink SoundCloud (nothing posted)

Official Sites: Krisz Klink MySpace

Miss DJ Jackalope

Playing at: White Ball, Saturday (11pm-12am)

Bio: In 2009, Miss Jackalope married the unsuccessful Jack Sparrow. The marriage faired poorly as Jack, taking his wife to the pirate haven of the 303, had a hard time supporting his wife. He eventually turned informer for the new governor, Dark Tangent, further alienating his headstrong wife. Disillusioned with her husband, Miss Jackalope transferred her affections to Captain Calico Jack Rackam. Rackam returned Miss Jackalope's affections by lavishing her with gifts. When Jack Sparrow refused Rackam's offer to buy Miss Jackalope, the couple snuck aboard a merchant sloop with a handful of Rackam's old pirate buddies and took over the ship. Thus began Miss Jackalope's pirate career. She's been resident jungle and hard techno DJ of Defcon ever since.

Soundcloud: Miss DJ Jackalope SoundCloud (nothing posted)

Affiliations: DEF CON

Official Sites: Miss DJ Jackalope Official Site

Mitch Mitchem

Playing at: Black Ball, Friday (11pm-12am)

Bio: NA

Soundcloud: NA

Affiliations: NA

Official Sites: Mitch Mitchem Official Site


Playing at: White Ball, Saturday (1am-2am, Sunday Morning)

Bio: I DJ since about 4 years mainly here in my hometown Berlin/Germany -- started off with VirtualDJ but very quickly moved to CDJs, since about a year I'm on classical MK2s with Serato. My music is electro/house/progressive; sometimes I also play Breaks


Affiliations: Phonoelit DJ Crew

Official Sites:


Playing at: Friday Chillout (12pm-1pm), Black Ball, Friday (2am-3am, Saturday Morning)

Bio: njnTrubl is a prominent figure in Wichita's club and electronic dance scene. He is a familiar face around Camp Bottoms Up during Missouri's infamous regional burn, Interfuse. Pulling from multiple genres including, DnB, House, Psy, he is sure to make your low end jiggle.

Soundcloud: njnTrubl SoundCloud (nothing posted)

Affiliations: Dead Monk Society, Submersible DJs, Neighborhood Productions, Pendulum Productions

Official Sites: njnTrubl MySpace


Playing at: Friday Chillout (2pm-3pm), Saturday Pool Party (8pm-9pm)

Bio: NA

Soundcloud: NA

Affiliations: Swell Records, Desert Trance Society, StayChooned

Official Sites:


Playing at: Black Ball, Friday (9pm-10pm)

Bio: Phylo is a recent Houston transplant from Lubbock, where he hosted the city's main electronic radio show "Fusion" on KTXT 88.1 FM. His ungodly funky-ill track selections and performance energy never fail to get the bodies moving, and his multiple guest appearances on MK Ultra always result in a continuous barrage of phone calls inquiring about his track selections and where he can be found performing!


Affiliations: NSB Radio, The State of Breaks, Lubbock's Harder Mix, Much Love Productions, 88.1 KTXT-FM

Official Sites: Phylo Official Site

Reeves (DJ)

Playing at: Friday Pool Party (8pm-9pm), Saturday Chillout (12pm-1pm)

Bio: DJ Reeves's style is described as tasty nu-skool breaks with hints of electro and fidget, and for dessert, tons of bass. He is often found making bodies shake 'n' bake at any show he plays. He has spun for the likes of The Crystal Method, DJ Deekline, Annalyze, and DJ C-Vaughn. From Kansas City to Milwaukee to Las Vegas, DJ Reeves really knows how to make your body move in ways you never thought possible.

Soundcloud: NA

Affiliations: KC Raver, Chillfactor Productions, Dominion Group Entertainment NSB Radio

Official Sites: DJ Reeves MySpace

Rene (DJ)

Playing at: Friday Chillout (11am-12pm)

Bio: Has been sponsored by Red Bull (Virginia) and has done shows for Oakley Sunglasses. One of the Dj's for Beauty and Da beat .He has opened for DJ AM, Dj Kay Jay, Everything (band) and has spun shows at RFK stadium in D.C. with Paul Oakenfold , DJ Aero & Tommy Lee, Junior Sanchez, Dj Enferno,Dj Yummy and DJ Jey-One. Has spun show with Bongo massive DJ Happy, Jon Bishop and many others. Has spun at many of D.C's major hot spots and is current HiBall Events Dj and has performed for all of their major events across the U.S.


Affiliations: Icarus Productions, Beauty and Da beat, Hiball

Official Sites: DJ Rene Official Site Beauty and da Beat MySpace


Playing at: Black Ball, Friday (12am-1am, Saturday Morning)

Bio: This is DJ SailorGloom, formerly of Waikiki, HI and Stuttgart, Germany. I spin Industrial, Powernoise, EBM, and Gothic,. I spun at DEF CON15 at the Black Ball with a set right before Regenerator. I am an old school analog hacker and still remember my Hayes AT command set and have Phrack on hardcopy!


Affiliations: Agents of Empire DJs. Stuttgart, Germany: Our-Darkness, Die Rˆhre, DM Party Waikiki, Hawai'i: Dungeon, Flesh, Shockwave, Ultra, Deca-Dance San Diego, CA: Therapy, Underworld, Darkwave Garden

Official Sites: SailorGloom MySpace

Scritch (The)

Playing at: Friday Pool Party (6pm-7pm), Saturday Chillout (5pm-6pm)

Bio: Birthed in a fiery caldera of an unnamed volcanic island in the South Pacific, The Scritch was raised on a strict diet of raw tubers, edible flowers and coconut water. Showing a clear affinity for heavy syncopated beats from a young age, he was schooled in the ancient art of the thunder drum by a blind shaman on an adjacent island. Fast forward several decades and we find The Scritch crisscrossing the globe, a neopagan hunter and gather of sonic artifacts that are crafted into a unique and memorable experience for the hungry, writhing masses. Equally at home in the booths of swanky clubs, on the floors of the filthiest warehouses and the wide open fields of massive outdoor festivals, The Scritch delivers the goods.

Soundcloud: NA

Affiliations: NSB Radio, Raindance Presents, Dax Presents

Official Sites: NA

Simo Sleevin

Playing at: Friday Pool Party (9pm-10pm), Saturday Chillout (3pm-4pm)

Bio: NA

Soundcloud: NA

Affiliations: NSB Radio,

Official Sites: Simo Sleevin Official Site

Simon Plexus

Playing at: Friday Pool Party (10pm-11pm), Saturday Chillout (4pm-5pm)

Bio: NA

Soundcloud: NA

Affiliations: NSB Radio

Official Sites:

Snow Crash

Playing at: White Ball, Saturday (2am-3am, Sunday Morning)

Bio: A purveyor of digital glitches, electronic tweeks, and dirty analog synth freakouts. Snow Crash has been producing, and manipulating music since 1998. Currently, the project's main member Roach, hails from the state of Florida, when he isn't jet-setting around the globe. He has worked with, collaborated, and produced with the like Dave Christopher (Rabbit In The Moon), Jackal & Hyde, DJ Mitch Mitchem, Dynamix II, Clrh20, DJ Monk (Pimp Juice/Formerly of RITM), Chris Hawkes (The Track Mack/ Pimp Juice) and Uberzone to name a few.


Affiliations: NA

Official Sites: Snow-Crash SoundCloud Snow-Crash on


Playing at: White Ball, Saturday (10pm-11pm, Sunday Morning), Saturday Chillout (10am-11am)

Bio: Undecided, otherwise known as Chris Shelton, was captivated by the scene in early 1998 and since then has been cultivating his own style of funky, hard-hitting breaks referred to as "That Nu-Funk Sound." In 2002, Undecided formed Urban-Breaks, a crew responsible for hosting multiple monthly and weekly breaks events in the Sacramento and surrounding areas. With the success of these events, he decided to further explore his passion behind the turntables and relocate to Seattle in early 2004. In Seattle his rising popularity was aided by close relationships that were quickly built with well-known local break-beat artists. Relocation also allowed Urban-Breaks the ability to add even more talented DJs to the roster and produce shows on a more consistent basis.

In June of 2005 Undecided found himself back in Sacramento where his crew returned to hosting monthly breaks events. In September 2005 Undecided and production partner Kiro sat down to work on their first breaks release in the Infected Logic Studio. This release found its way to popular UK breaks label Mob and received a remix from acclaimed producer The Rouge Element. With the success of his work with production partner Kiro, Undecided's exposure has brought new-found opportunities to advance musically while focusing more of his energy on solo production projects that give him the chance to create his own form of dirty funk bass lines.

Since the conception of the production duo "Kiro & Undecided", he has worked with a number of producers on original tracks including a side project under the moniker Trouser Snakes making dirty house music and production & DJ group The Bass Masons. Since his first release, Undecided has a collection of current and upcoming releases on reputable labels such as Mob, Mechanoise, Sango-Music, Muti and System.

With many years invested into the music his skills have allowed him to play with many talented Domestic and International DJs. A natural performer, his genuine energy behind the decks is unmistakable and his talents undeniable.

Soundcloud: NA

Affiliations: System Recordings, Mob Records, Sango-Music, Muti Music

Official Sites: Undecided Official Site

VJ Q.Alba

Playing at: Whiteball, Saturday (8pm-9pm)

Bio: VJ Q.Alba

183 cm.

85 Kg.

Brown eyes.

Brown hair.

Drinks almost every beer you buy him.

Plays faster dance and melody trance/techno/electro with lots of videos and video effects.

Looking forward to play at Defcon as it will be his largest gig ever.


Affiliations: NA

Official Sites: VJ Q.Alba SoundCloud