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The DEF CON 17 Receipt of Admission is now posted! Be sure to share your photos from the con to, and keep your eyes peeled for contest results, presentations, press, and other post-con material coming soon!
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You can go to the DEF CON Qik Feed or our Qik group and check out we and group members filmed live during DEF CON 17!

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DEF CON 17 CTF Packet Captures & Binaries Available!

Fresh from DDTek: The DEF CON 17 CTF packet captures and binaries are now available via bittorrent. Enjoy!

DEF CON 17 Archives Page is Live!

You can now peruse the DEF CON 17 Archives Page, which contains links to all of the presentation materials and code available, including all updated materials we have recieved! We'll have the printed program and press links up soon, and down the road you will be able to download all of the audio and video of the the talks for free! We're working on getting a few early release videos up next week to tide you over!

Upload all of your DEF CON 17 Photos to

Help to preserve and share those DEF CON 17 memories on! If you have a DEF CON Forums account, you already have a pics account, just use the same login information. While you're at it, submit your galleries to as well!

Follow the Post-Con discussion on the DEF CON Forums

Get over to the DEF CON Forums to join in on the post-con buzz from DEF CON 17! You can find out what people thought, content links, and it's never to early weigh in on next year's show. Remember, DEF CON is your con, and the best way to get involved is to get in on the discussions posted at Have an idea for a new contest or event? It's the best place to start!

Let the Updates Begin!

Keep your eyes on the site over the next week or two as we begin to post presentations, press, a few early release videos, and other archive material from the show! The DEF CON 17 Contest Results page is now live, so go check out who won!

DEF CON 17 Receipt Posted, Aaaand We're Spent...

We'll we've made it back to our respective homes, with another awesome DEF CON on the books! We are now in recovery mode, and normal updating will resume next week! The DEF CON 17 Receipt of Admission is now posted! Thanks to all for making this a fantastic DEF CON!

Dont Miss NIST's Hack the Quantum at DEF CON 17!

Presented by the Joint Quantum Institute, National Institute of Standards and Technology and University of Maryland, and the Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore

With a hands-on Bell-o-meter for entangled photons you can convince yourself that there are quantum effects beyond classical physics: a real qubit is offered to the participant who achieves the strongest violation of a Bell inequality. We also present a fresh attack that breaks many current quantum crypto systems, and demonstrate a photon-based quantum randon number generator.

Find it in Capri 114 /115 Friday-Sunday at DEF CON 17!

The Community Delivers Great Mobile Options for DEF CON 17!

There has been an outpouring of mobile ready and mobile friendly options from the DEF CON community this year to make your DEF CON scheduling easier!

First there is a full blown (and very cool) unofficial iPhone app that has been submitted to the Apple store for review, made by Johnnie "Jedi" Pittmann (@dtjedi) and Todd Kimball (@tkimball). As of this posting, This app is not yet available from the Apple store. They have opted, pending acceptance from Apple, to make the app available via ad-hoc distribution, and will be accepting requests by email until Wednesday, July 29th at 9am PDT. The method, contact info, and possible risks are clearly outlined at

From their site on

After years of misplaced, begged, borrowed, stolen Defcon schedules, we decided to do something to help. Introducing the Defcon 17 iPhone app. Get all the up to date details on the con on your iPhone/iPod Touch. In addition to that, you can view the offical Defcon RSS feed and #defcon Twitter posts. Talk and event calendars, speaker and dj bios, and a map of the venue.

- Talk Calendar
- Event Calendar
- Speaker/DJ Biographies
- Defcon RSS Feed Reader
- Twitter #defcon

Not to mention the great efforts of Darth Null to bring you an extremely useful web-based iPhone/mobile ready schedule and map application! You can find his fantastic work at

There are also a couple of Google calendars out there, one for events, thanks to JonM, and a full schedule at

All of these folks are coordinating together for updates, to bring you the freshest info from DEF CON 17! A huge thank you all of them for contributing!

Metasploit Track at DEF CON 17!

Check out all the Metasploit goodness you can absorb in the Metasploit Track at DEF CON 17! It all takes place Saturday in Track 2!

10:00 - 10:50
Breaking the "Unbreakable" Oracle with Metasploit
Chris Gates & MC

11:00 - 11:50
Using Guided Missiles in Drive-Bys: Automatic browser fingerprinting and exploitation with Metasploit

12:00 - 12:20
WMAP: Metasploit goes Web
Efrain Torres

14:00 - 15:20
Val Smith, Colin Ames, David Kerb

15:30 - 16:00
MSF Telephony

16:10 - 16:40
Metasploit Evolved, Meterpreter Advances, Hacking the Next Internet
HD Moore

16:50 - 17:20
MSF Wifi
Mike Kershaw

17:30 - 18:00
App Assessment the Metasploit Way
David Maynor

18:10 - 18:40
Macsploitation with Metasploit
Dino Dai Zovi

18:50 - 19:20
Metasploit Autopsy: Recontructing the Crime Scene
Peter Silberman & Steve Davis

Badge Hacking Buzz!

Check out the Badge Hacking Contest threads on the DEF CON Forums to see what everyone is talking about bringing/using to Hack the badge this year. It might give you some inspiration!

The Summit at DEF CON 17

Don't forget to attend The SUMMIT Fund Raiser for the EFF (, 50+ Speakers attending, 3 Djs, VIP event, Monaco Tower (TOP FLOOR), Top of the RIV , 8:30pm Thursday Night. See the Summit Forum for more info. Add to your social calendar. $30/$15 Student.

DEF CON 17 Badge Pre-release Info!

Joe Grand has posted some pre-release info on the DEF CON Forums to get you started for the badge hacking contest this year. Go check it out at:

DEF CON 17 Events/Contests Posted on Schedule Page!

The specific info for events and contests has been posted in the DEF CON 17 Schedule Page! If you have an event or contast that is not posted please send hours of operation and location to neil at, and we'll get them up!

DEF CON 17 Google Calendar

JonM has been so kind as to begin to start populating a Google calendar of the events for DEF CON 17! More events will be added as the times and locations come in!

DEF CON 17 CTF Quals Cartoon Write Up

Check out this awesome write-up of the CTF Quals from one of the qualifying teams, the Sapheads! Clever and educational, it provides a great perspective on the thought processes behind solving the B300 section of the qualification round. Sounds like they plan to do more, so we'll keep an eye out!

Hacker Jeopardy is Looking for Team Sign Ups

From G Mark on the DEF CON Forums:


Okay, just to make sure that everyone has an equal opportunity, here are the directions to sign up your team. Don't do something else (like post a reply to Winn's thread, since it might not get read in time -- we had this problem last year.)

1. Open an e-mail to ""

2. Include your TEAM NAME and the real names and handles of your three (3) team players. (Privacy policy: we protect your identity unless a Fed or someone with a whole bunch of cash wants it.)

3. Explain why you are 31337 enough to play this year. Brag like you're trying to get lucky.

4. Include at least one cellphone number so we can contact you to notify if you're playing or there's a problem with your entry.

5. Send the e-mail as soon as possible, but absolutely no later than 90 minutes before the scheduled start of the round to be played. In case of any dispute, you're wrong (unless you are an entity described in #2 above.)

Alternate slots for ninjas... LosT @ Con Mystery Challenge

There are still alternate slots open for teams considering trying to register. There *may* be a way for alternate teams to knock teams from their spots on day one of the contest this year.

Check out the official Mystery Challenge site at

CannonBall Run is Back!

The 5th Annual CannonBall Run is set to start Thursday July 30th 2009 with the fist car leaving at 11:00 AM. We will start in Redondo Beach and arrive yet again at the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

DEF CON Forum:

Team Fortress 2 Tournament - Only Two Days Left to Sign Up for Quals!

Qualifiers - July 17-18
Get your teams together and mark your calendar. Qualifiers will be the evenings of July 17-18. As teams sign up, we'll work with the team captains to finalize scheduling. Also, we'll group the individual reg's together into teams for the quals as well.

If you haven't signed up, please do so sooner rather than later. NOTE you don't need a full team to sign up a team. If you've got 4 or 5 friends you want to play with, register a team and we'll fill the blanks up with individual reg's later.

Sign up at:

Coffee Wars Call for Beans

From shrdlu on the DEF CON Forums:

Information for those hoping to win on our momentous Tenth Year of celebrating caffeine. You can submit your beans before Friday morning, by various arcane methods, none of which will be posted here (but email to Foofus might help). You *MUST* submit them before 10AM (or close to it), since that's when we start brewing and drinking and judging. We'll send the occasional messenger out into the massed and frightening horde if you are trying to bring it Friday morning.

Coffee Wars only takes place on Friday morning. We're usually done by 11-ish, and vanished completely by Noon. You can spot most of the judges the rest of the day due to the slight vibration of their entire body (except me; I *like* that much caffeine).

DEF CON 17 Artwork Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the winners of the DEF CON 17 Artwork Contest!

People's Choice: "Watchmen Parody" by Mar
T-shirt Category: "Floppy" by JesseK
Poster Category: "DEF CON 17" by Steve Andrus
Bumper Sticker Category: "Tailing The Elite Hacker" by downtownDB

Honorable Mention goes out to "DT Has a Posse" by Mar!

Thank you to all of the entrants for their great work!

Official DEF CON 17 Twitter Hashtag

The official DEF CON hashtag for Twitter at DEF CON 17 is #defcon. Use it whenever you tweet about DEF CON so we can see what folks are saying during the show!

DEF CON 17 Speaking Schedule is Live and Final Speakers are Posted!

That's right! The DEF CON 17 Schedule is now live! It may experience a few minor changes before all is said and done, but it is pretty much good to go! Events will be posted on the schedule page as exact times roll in, so keep your eyes peeled for updates! If you are a speaker and see any discrepancies, pass them along to talks at defcon dot org.

Go have a look, and while your at it, check out the last batch of awesome speakers we have lined up for you this year:

Preparing for Cyber War: Strategy and Force Posture in the Information-Centric World
Dmitri Alperovitch, Marcus Sachs, Phyllis Schneck and Ed Skoudis

Hello, My Name is /hostname/
Endgrain, Dan Kaminsky and Tiffany Rad

Dradis Framework - Sharing Information will get you Root

0-day, gh0stnet and the Inside Story of the Adobe JBIG2 Vulnerability
Matt Richard and Steven Adair

Three Point Oh.
Johnny Long

Reverse Engineering By Crayon: Game Changing Hypervisor Based Malware Analysis and Visualization
Danny Quist and Lorie M. Liebrock

Cracking 400,000 Passwords, or How to Explain to Your Roommate why the Power Bill is a Little High
Matt Weir and Sudhir Aggarwal

Catching DNS Tunnels with AI

Perspective of the DoD Chief Security Officer
Robert Lentz

More Speakers! Adam Savage to speak at DEF CON 17!

Check out this big old list of hotness! There are only a few speakers yet to post, and the schedule is being webbified into a more mobile-friendly format (than past years) as we speak, so expect more updates in the next couple of days!

You may have already heard on Twitter, it is our pleasure to officially announce that Adam Savage of MythBusters fame will be speaking this year at DEF CON!

Wi-Fish Finder: Who Will Bite the Bait
MD Sohail Ahmad and Prabhash Dhyani

Your Mind: Legal Status, Rights and Securing Yourself
James "Myrcurial" Arlen and Tiffany Rad

A Low Cost Spying Quadrotor for Global security Applications Using Hacked Commercial Digital Camera
Laurent Beaudoin

Robot Shark Laser! What Hackerspaces Do
Beth, Eater, Noid and Nick Farr

Design and Implementation of a Quantum True Random Number Generator
Sean Boyce

Old Skool Brought Back: A 1964 Modem Demo
K.C. Budd "Phreakmonkey" and Taylor Banks "Dr Kaos"

Hadoop: Apache's Open Source Implementation of Google's MapReduce Framework
Joey Calca and Ryan Anguiano

AAPL- Automated Analog Telephone Logging
Da Beave and JFalcon

Who Invented the Proximity Card?
Michael L. Davis

Packing and the Friendly Skies (Why Transporting your Firearms may be the best way to Safeguard your Tech when you Fly)
Deviant Ollam

Opening up the Bureaucrats
Brenno De Winter

Runtime Kernel Patching on Mac OS X
Bosse Eriksson

Hacking the Apple TV and Where your Forensic Data Lives
Kevin Estis and Randy Robbins

Attacking Tor at the Application Layer
Gregory Fleischer

Hacking the Smart Grid
Tony Flick

Asymmetric Defense: How to Fight Off the NSA Red Team with Five People or Less
Efstratios L. Gavas

An Open JTAG Debugger
Travis Goodspeed

The Year In Computer Crime Cases
Jennifer Granick

Hardware Trojans: Infiltrating the Faraday Cage
Stephen 'afterburn' Janansky and Nick Waite

Attacks Against 2wire Routers -OR- Attacks Against Residential ADSL Routers in Mexico
Pedro "hkm" Joaquin

Stealing Profits from Stock Market Spammers or: How I learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Spam
Grant Jordan

The Day of the Updates
Itzik Kotler and Tomer Bitton

Air Traffic Control: Insecurity and ADS-B
Righter Kunkel

Picking Electronic Locks Using TCP Sequence Prediction
Ricky Lawshae

Jailbreaking and the Law of Reversing
Fred Von Lohmann and Jennifer Granick

Is your Iphone Pwned? Auditing, Attacking and Defending Mobile Devices
Kevin Mahaffey, John Hering and Anthony Lineberry

Hacking the Wiimote and Wii fit to help the Disabled
Josh Marks and Rob Rehrig

Subverting the World Of Warcraft API
Christopher Mooney and James Luedke

Slight of Mind: Magic and Social Engineering
Mike Murray and Tyler Reguly

Hack like the Movie Stars: A Big-Screen Multi-Touch Network
Cody Pollet and George Louthan

Smashing the Stack with Hydra: The Many Heads of Advanced Polymorphic Shellcode
Pratap Prabhu and Yingbo Song

TBD - Adam Savage of MythBusters
Adam Savage

Cloud Security in Map/Reduce
Jason Schlesinger

The Making of the second SQL injection Worm
Sumit Siddharth

Invisible Access: Electronic Access Control, Audit Trails and "High Security"
Marc Weber Tobias, Matt Fiddler and Tobias Bluzmanis

Metasploit goes Web
Efrain 'ET' Torres

USB Attacks: Fun with Plug & 0wn
Rafael Dominguez Vega

Cross Site Scripting Anonymous Browser 2.0
Jeff Yestrumskas and Matt Flick

Doppelganger: The Web's Evil Twin
Edward Zaborowski

Criminal Charges are not pursued: Hacking PKI
Mike Zusman

Voting is Open for the DEF CON 17 Artwork Contest!

Here's what you do: go to the DEF CON 17 Artwork Contest Gallery on and pick your favorite. Then head on over here and vote in the poll!

The default display for the gallery is 12 items per page, so make sure you check out all 3 pages. There are 29 entries total.

Good Luck to all the fantastic entries!

DEF CON 17 DJ Pages are Live!

Check out the new DJ pages on the DEF CON 17 site! You can find line-ups for the Black & White Balls, Pool Parties, and daytime Chillout area! There are also artist bios and samples of the music you might encounter! It's all at!

And don't forget to follow the DEF CON Twitter feed for news as it happens, leading up to and during DEF CON 17!

Thursday Talks Line-up!

This year, we're packing even more goodness into Thursday's activities, with a half day of talks aimed at the DEF CON n00b. These talks will cover everything from basic hacking skills to what our beloved con is about, and how to get the most out of it. If you are new to DEF CON, or feel like you could get more out of it, this "basic training" will be an invaluable resource!

HighWiz, The Dark Tangent, Russr, DJ Jackalope, Deviant Ollam, Thorn, ThePrez98, LosT, Siviak

Pre-Con Introduction to Lock Picking
Alek Amrani

DEF CON 1 - A Personal Account
Dead Addict

Con Kung-Fu: Defending Yourself @ DEF CON
Rob "Padre" DeGulielmo

Hardware Black Magic - Building devices with FPGAs
Dr. Fouad Kiamilev

DCFluX in: The Man with the Soldering Gun
Matt Krick "DCFluX"

Effective Information Security Career Planning
Lee Kushner and Mike Murray

DC Network Session

So You Got Arrested in Vegas...
Jim Rennie

Hacking with GNURadio

Even More DEF CON 17 Speaker Updates!

Yes folks, yet another batch of great talks has been posted on the speaker page! That should do it for this week, but stay tuned next week for the last batches of talks to go up!

Panel - Ask EFF: The Year in Digital Civil Liberties
Kurt Opsahl, Jennifer Granick, Kevin Bankston, Fred von Lohmann, Marcia Hofmann and Peter Eckersley

Panel - Meet the Feds 2009

The Middler 2.0: It's Not Just for Web Apps Anymore
Jay Beale and Justin Searle

Beckstrom's Law - A Model for Valuing Networks and Security
Rod Beckstrom

Sharepoint 2007 Knowledge Network Exposed

Socially Owned in the Cloud

Personal Survival Preparedness
Steve Dunker and Kristie Dunker

Social Zombies: Your Friends Want to Eat Your Brains
Tom Eston and Kevin Johnson

Cracking the Poor and the Rich: Discovering the Relationship Between Physical and Network Security
Damian Finol

FOE -- Feeding Controversial News to Censored Countries (Without Using Proxy Servers)
Sho Ho

Hardware Black Magic - Building devices with FPGAs
Dr. Fouad Kiamilev

Hack The Textbook
Jon R. Kibler and Mike Cooper

Advanced SQL Injection
Joseph McCray

Weaponizing the Web: New Attacks on User-generated Content
Shawn Moyer and Nathan Hamiel

Automated Malware Similarity Analysis
Daniel Raygoza

The Security Risks of Web 2.0
David Rook

Proxy Prank-o-Matic
Charlie Vedaa and "Anonymous secondary speaker"

DEF CON 17 Speaker Update

Here are a few more talks to keep you going! We have a bunch more coming through the end of the week, so stay tuned. Follow the DEF CON Twitter Feed for announcements as they are posted!

BitTorrent Hacks
Michael Brooks and David Aslanian

Unfair Use - Speculations on the Future of Piracy
Dead Addict

DEF CON 1 - A Personal Account
Dead Addict

Con Kung-Fu:Defending Yourself @ DEF CON
Rob "Padre" DeGulielmo

Router Exploitation

Jackpotting Automated Teller Machines
Barnaby Jack

Something about Network Security
Dan Kaminsky

Malware Freak Show
Nicholas J. Percoco and Jibran Ilyas

That Awesome Time I Was Sued For Two Billion Dollars
Jason Scott

Good Vibrations: Hacking Motion Sickness on the Cheap

The CTF Quals round has ended! DEF CON congratulates the qualifying teams!

Qualified teams:
1. sk3wlm4st3r (CONFIRMED! as sk3wl0fr00t)
2. Team Awesome (aka VedaGodz) (CONFIRMED!)
3. Sexy Pwndas (unconfirmed)
4. PLUS (unconfirmed)
5. Shellphish (CONFIRMED!)
6. Song of Freedom (CONFIRMED!)
7. lollerskaterz dropping from roflcopters (CONFIRMED!)
8. Underminers (unconfirmed)
9. Routards (CONFIRMED!)
alt. Sapheads_ (CONFIRMED!)
alt. sutegoma (CONFIRMED!)
alt. CLiP (unconfirmed)
alt. pebkac (unconfirmed)
alt. ACMEPharm (unconfirmed)

If you didn't make it and still want a mind bending challenge at DEF CON this year, there a few slots left in LosT's Mystery Challenge, so wrangle up a team and get to to find clues on how to enter!

Open CTF will also be back this year, bigger and badder than ever if you need that attack/defend goodness!

DEF CON 17 News

Keep your eyes on the DEF CON 17 site for a page coming soon that will give you the lowdown on all the great DJ's that will spin at DEF CON this year. We'll have pics and bios, as well as sample tracks for download!

Also, due to the great number of awesome talks we're accepting in the 1200 second spotlight, we've decided to make a fifth track for turbo/breakout talks!

So keep watching for more updates, and as always, You can follow the DEF CON Twitter feed for links to the info as it's posted!

DEF CON 17 CFP Update

If you submitted a CFP and have not been notified of it's status hold tight! We have a lot of submissions this year that we want to accept. If you haven't heard back from us by now, you're still in consideration for a time slot. We're probably trying to find room for you. Sorry we missed our June 1st notification date, but we have too much awesome sauce for our burgers.

An update will be posted to the website when we have finished our selection process, all CFP's will be sent an email of their status at that point. Thanks!

Thursday (July 30th) at DEF CON 17

In the past, we have usually opened up registration and swag midday Thursday for those early birds that want to get a jump on things before the con officially starts. There are also a few unofficial events and gatherings, like the Toxic BBQ and theSummit, that make Thursday almost an extra day of DEF CON.

This year, we're packing even more goodness into Thursday's activities, with a half day track of talks aimed at the DEF CON newb. These talks will cover everything from basic hacking skills to what our beloved con is about, and how to get the most out of it. If you are new to DEF CON, or feel like you could get more out of it, this "basic training" will be an invaluable resource!

In addition, the Chill Out Area will be open for hanging out and the infamous DEF CON wireless network will be up and running, so you can pwn or be pwned right out of the gate!

Stay tuned for a complete listing of all the great talks planned for Thursday, and as always, you can get instant updates as they occur by following the DEF CON Twitter feed!

Updates and Reminders for DEF CON 17!

Riviera Rooms: Be sure to book your room for this year's DEF CON! The Riviera is offering a DEF CON 17 special room rate of $89/night for 1-2 guests, add $20/night for guests 3-4. Hurry, space is limited, and our block usually sells out early!

New DJ Organizer: Welcome to DJ Great Scott, who has accepted the mantle of DJ organizer for DEF CON 17. He will be the overlord of the Black and White Balls and the Poolside DJ action! Get ahold of him on the Forums (greatscott) or at if you want to spin!

Capture the Flag: CTF Quals Registration ends 6/4/09! Get your teams together and get in there! Register at:

Artwork Contest: Only about 2 weeks left in the DEF CON 17 Artwork Contest! Make some hacker art and win fabulous prizes (like free entry to DEF CON 17 and swag!) Rules posted at:

Contest & Events: Check out the Contests and Events section of the forums to see what's new! TommEE Pickles has resurrected the CannonBall Run, there's a new game called the 10,000 Cent Hacker Pyramid, and Coffee Wars is having it's 10th birthday! Extended hours at the pool mean Pool Party!

As always, follow the DEF CON Twitter for all the announcements as they occur!

More Talks for DEF CON 17!

Here's another great round of talks to get you excited for DEF CON 17!

DefCon 101
HighWiz, The Dark Tangent, Russr, DJ Jackalope, Deviant Ollam, Thorn, ThePrez98, Lost, Siviak

Session Donation
Alex Amrani

Sniff Keystrokes With Lasers/Voltmeters - Side Channel Attacks Using Optical Sampling Of Mechanical Energy And Power Line Leakage
Andrea Barisani and Daniele Bianco

Hijacking Web 2.0 Sites with SSLstrip--Hands-on Training
Sam Bowne

Attacking SMS. It's No Longer Your BFF
Brandon Dixon

Breaking the "Unbreakable" Oracle with Metasploit
Chris Gates and Mario Ceballos

Injectable Exploits: Two New Tools for Pwning Web Apps and Browsers
Kevin Johnson, Justin Searle and Frank DiMaggio

eXercise in Messaging and Presence Pwnage
Ava Latrope

Defcon Security Jam 2: The Fails Keep on Coming
David Mortman

Hacking Sleep: How to Build Your Very Own Sleep Lab
Ne0nRa1n and Keith Biddulph

RFID MythBusting
Chris Paget

Search And Seizure Explained - They Took My Laptop!
Tyler Pitchford, Esq.

Fragging Game Servers
Bruce Potter and Logan Lodge

Hackerspaces: The Legal Bases

Debaze - A Remote Method Enumeration Tool for Flex Servers
Jon Rose

Bluetooth, Smells Like Chicken.
Dominic Spill, Michael Ossmann and Mark Steward

"I Am Walking Through a City Made of Glass and I Have a Bag Full of Rocks" (Dispelling the Myths and Discussing the Facts of Global Cyber-Warfare)
Jayson Street

Dangerous Minds: The Art of Guerrilla Data Mining
Mark Ryan Del Moral Talabis

DEF CON 17 Speaker Update

The CFP is now closed and selection is in full swing! Check out the latest batch of talks selected for DEF CON 17!

Unmasking You
Joshua "Jabra" Abraham and Robert "RSnake" Hansen

Confidence Game Theater

Death of Anonymous Travel
Sherri Davidoff

Using Guided Missiles in Drive-Bys: Automatic browser fingerprinting and exploitation with Metasploit

"Smart" Parking Meter Implementations, Globalism, and You (aka Meter Maids Eat Their Young)
Joe "Kingpin" Grand, Jake Appelbaum, and Chris Tarnovsky

The Psychology of Security Unusability
Peter Gutmann

Effective Information Security Career Planning
Lee Kushner and Mike Murray

Abusing Firefox Addons
Roberto Suggi Liverani and Nick Freeman

Clobbering the Cloud
Haroon Meer and Marco Slaviero

RAID Recovery: Recover your PORN by Sight and Sound
Scott Moulton

Protecting Against and Investigating Insider Threats (A methodical, multi-pronged approach to protecting your organization)
Antonio "Tony" Rucci

PLA Information Warfare Development Timeline and Nodal Analysis
Zulu Meet

Be sure to follow the DEF CON Twitter Feed for speaker updates and other announcements as they occur!

Notice to DEF CON 17 CFP Submitters

This is just a general reminder, we want to make sure all the submissions sent to us get a fair shot and are reviewed equally. We don't want any submissions missed so we send you an email to let you know it arrived safely. You should receive an acknowledgment of your submission within 48 hours after you have submitted. If you have not received an email from us, please resend your submission to talks at defcon dot org.

DEF CON 17 CFP Extended Over the Weekend!

That's right slackers, you now have until Monday, May 18th to turn in your DEF CON CFP Submission! We want your insightful research and groundbreaking discoveries to make it to the DEF CON 17 Stage!

So get on it, what are you doing reading this? Go work on your submission!

You can read the submission rules and get the CFP form on the DEF CON 17 CFP page.

DEF CON 17 Talks Update!

Here are a few more of the talks chosen for DEF CON 17 to whet your appetite:

Why Tor is Slow, and What We're Doing About It
Roger Dingledine

Managed Code Rootkits - Hooking into Runtime Environments
Erez Metula

Maximum CTF: Getting the Most Out of Capture the Flag

Hacking, Biohacking, and the Future of Humanity
Richard Thieme

As always, we will be posting these talks as they are chosen, so keep your eyes on the speakers page! Better yet, follow the DEF CON Twitter Feed for up to the minute notification of new talks, and all of the announcements relating to DEF CON 17!

The Mystery Challenge Has a New Home!

Team Registration Opening Soon!

The much loved and anticipated LosT@Con Mystery Challenge has a new home on the web at! LosT informs us that team registration for this year's challenge will be opening soon, so keep your eyes peeled on the new site, and on the Mystery Challenge Forum on the DEF CON Forums for all the details on how to enter and for clues relating to the challenge!

DEF CON 17 Artwork Contest is Open!

It's that time again, art ninjas!

Whip out your favorite medium and get to creating, because the official DEF CON 17 Artwork Contest is now underway, and will run now to June 15, 2009.

The goal for this year's artwork contest is to create a piece of art you would see plastered on a wall, mailbox, telephone pole or bumper of a car of the nearest urban center. What we're looking for is an underground feel, reminiscent of DIY 'zines, gig posters, or pulp comics... (Read on)

More Speakers Chosen for DEF CON 17

Speaker selection is underway, here are a few more of the chosen talks! Expect more early to mid next week!

Win at Reversing: Tracing and Sandboxing through Inline Hooking
Nick Harbour

Computer and Internet Security Law - A Year in Review 2008 - 2009
Robert Clark

Making Fun of Your Malware
Michael Ligh & Matthew Richard

De Gustibus, or Hacking your Tastebuds
Sandy Clark "Mouse"

Hacking UFOlogy 102: The Implications of UFOs for Life, the Universe, and Everything
Richard Thieme

For all of the latest updates as they occur, be sure to follow us on Twitter at

New Gringo Warrior Site

From Deviant Ollam in the DEF CON Forums:

The Gringo Warrior section of my web site has been pretty bare for a long time. I didn't even have a link to it on the main page. Well, that's all changed now. All the past content, the scores, the videos, the summaries, etc etc etc. is all online now.

So, if you participated in a run of Gringo that was filmed, check it out and show your friends! If your attempt was filmed by someone other than me, point me towards a video of it online and i'm happy to link to it. If we somehow accidentally filmed you when you did not want to be filmed, please let me know so i can pull the video down.

I'm looking forward to bringing this back again at DEF CON 17 and have been really happy to take more and more steps towards buffing up the overall appearance and reputation of the game in order to ensure that it is included among the "Official Events" with a Black Badge this year. That was the plan last time, but a miscommunication fouled us up in the end.

I hope to see all of you stopping by the Gringo area this summer, if not to participate then at least to cheer on (or heckle) your friends.

The Riviera - Good Changes for DEF CON 17

    This year at the Riv we'll see some nice changes to some of the pricing and policies of the hotel!

    Some initial RIV updates from the Dark Tangent on the DEF CON Forums:

  1. 1. Room prices have been dropped to $89/Day and should be reflected on the DEF CON 17 Booking Page soon.

    If you booked under the old prices I _think_ the pricing will automagically be reflected in your bill as the new room block price.
  2. 2. We will get the pool until 11pm for swimming and hanging out. We can do low key DJ action till then. We are currently talking with them to determine how we can keep it longer.
  3. 3. Drink prices on beer and booze have been reduced. I'll update this post when I have accurate information.

We'll post any updates to policy or pricing changes as we get more details!

DEF CON 17 CTF Qualifier Announced

1 APRIL 2009


Defense Diutinus Technologies Corp (ddtek) is pleased to announce the round of qualification for DEFON 17 CTF.

The competition will be held on 5-7 June - without a stop, participants can be located everywhere. All are to play, but only the 9 best groups will be invited to join us in Las Vegas for the annual DEF CON ninja square off. We also intend to honour the code of the former CTF host and automatically qualify last years champion, the sk3wl of r00t (although we sincerely hope them to participate in qualifications).

The qualification round will be in the style of game board, but answers need not be in the form of a question. Categories will require teams to demonstrate the superiority of hacking into a vast relm of security.

You must be registered for participate.

Registration site:
Registration opens: 01.04.2009 00:00:00 UTC
Registration ends: 04.06.2009 00:00:00 UTC

Qualifications open: 05.06.2009 23:00:00 UTC
Qualifications ends: 07.06.2009 23:00:00 UTC

More information that will follow via your registered email address.

Bring all your l33t haxor skillz just leave your Kiddie toolz behind.

Difensiva Senior Engineer
Diuntinus Defense Technologies, Inc.

Contest & Event Status for DEF CON 17

It's going to be another great year of events and contests at DEF CON, the ideas are flying and some new players have emerged. A couple of new items for this year are DefCon 101: A Lurkers Guide to DefCon, and the DEF CON Geo Challenge. You can check out all of the latest contest and event info on the DEF CON 17 Official and Unofficial Events and Contests Forum.