DEF CON 18 Entertainment



Playing: The Pool on Saturday, 9pm-10pm

Born and raised in Miami. Have had a no musical influence as a child so all the music I've listened to is the stuff I search on my own for.

Last year after many years of being into electronic music I decided that I had aquired so much dubstep, glitch, and bass music that I felt the need to become a DJ and share my love and passion for music by sharing the music I find on a daily basis.

2010 I picked up an APC40 and Ableton. Aquired a show on and have already preformed along side big names in the Glitch hop scene including Mochipet, Ben Samples, S.P.E.C.T.R.E, Siren, Protohype, Otto Von Shirach, & Epcot. At the end of May I'll be opening for Machine Drum.

Afro Monk's WMC Promo Mix Live on by AfroMonk Music For You - From Me by AfroMonk