DEF CON 18 Entertainment

DJ SailorGloom

DJ SailorGloom

Playing: The Zombie Ball (Capri101/102) on Friday, 10pm-11pm

Hallo und Aloha! This is DJ SailorGloom, formerly of Stuttgart, Germany and Waikiki, HI bringing the best of Industrial, Powernoise, EBM, Electro-Clash, and Synthpop. This old-school analog-hacker still remembers his Hayes AT command set and looks forward to helping lay down the soundtrack to DEFCON 18 with his fellow DJs! Enjoy life at 120 BPMs with me as we perform at this year's BLACK AND WHITE BALL!

Liebe Gr��e und Mahalo!

Stuttgart, Germany: Zollamt, Our-Darkness, DM Party, Die R�hre
Waikiki, HI: Dungeon, Shockwave, ULTRA, Deca-Dance
San Diego, CA: Therapy, Underworld, Darkwave Garden

Guest Spots:
Bermuda: Explorer of the Seas, Royal Carribean
Las Vegas, NV: Sanctuary
Mountain View, CA: Adrenochrome
Naples, Italy: Obscure Night, SuDTerreneA
Newark, NJ: QXTs
NYC: Pyramid, The Metro
San Francisco, CA: Death Guild, Glass Kat, House of Voodoo, Supper Club
Waikiki, HI: Camera Obscura, Acid Wash, Hula's, Noctuary, Pink Cadillac
Washington, DC: Exposure

Radio: KTUH

DEFCON 17 (Las Vegas)
DEFCON 15 (Las Vegas)
Berlin After Pary (Waikiki)
Convergence 12 (New Orleans)
Convergence 14 (Tampa)
Goth Cruise IV (Bermuda)
VNV Nation After Party (San Diego)

CD Release Parties:
Anders Manga
Dawn of Ashes
Information Society
Panzer AG
Revolting Cocks
The Cr�xshadows

Industrial Label Affiliations: Metropolis, C.O.P., Alfa-Matrix, Dancing Ferret, DACs (Deutsch Alternative Charts

Defcon 17 by DJ SailorGloom Spider-Pig (DJ SailorGloom Remix) by DJ SailorGloom