DEF CON 18 Entertainment



Playing: The Zombie Ball (Capri101/102) on Friday, 9pm-10pm

HighSage (aka "Shagghie" while at DefCon) has been producing Techno/House/Acid since early 2000, after spending years in the underground rave scenes in San Francisco, Chicago, London, Leeds, and San Diego. HighSage works in the older Detroit methods of producing music...analog drum machines, guitar pedals, TB-303's and other 16-step sequenced instruments/samplers, etc. In the last several years, he's taken the skills acquired in the studio and placed them squarely on the stage, doing what the industry calls 'Full Live PA's', using only hardware (no decks, no laptop, no loops, nothing pre-recorded).

He also is known within the hacking community as the winner of the first defcon badge hacking contest, and other less sightly acts of disobedience and adventure.

Props go out to Richard "skippy" Lindberg, Banasidhe, VictorJohn, DJ Jackalope, Prophei, Viru5, Trevor, Orlando, HD Moore, ex-INS'ers, and other wizards I'm forgetting that have shown me the way over the last decade.


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DefCon 18 Live PA Track Set (July 2010, Las Vegas) by The High Sage