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Playing: The Cyberpunk Gala (Capri101/102) on Saturday, 2am-3am (Sunday Morning)

SINEWAVE is Australian electronic music producer Spencer Scott, co-owner and A&R Manager of Alchemy Records (UK) and label DJ since 2002. For over 12 years he has been part of the thriving electronic music scene both in Australia and the UK.

With a history as a guitar and keyboard player his real passion for electronic music was ignited in Australia in 1994 when he hosted his radio show 'Liquid Sky Dreaming' for three years. It featured some of the most cutting edge Electro, Industrial and Techno music of the time.

Spencer started his own trance project SINEWAVE in 2005. Since then he has toured all over the world and impressed dance floors with his powerful uplifting tracks ,DJing and playing live in the UK for every major promoter in London, Brazil, Australia, Mexico, South Africa, Spain, Lithuania, Sweden and India.

2007 has already been an impressive year for SINEWAVE as he has performed for the massive Antiworld Indoor Festival (London - February 2007) alongside Domestic, X-Noize, Timelock, performed for the legendary Alien Safari party (Cape Town - March 2007), supporting GMS and Exaile for Outerlimits (London - March 2007), and DJing alongside none other than Infected Mushroom, Astrix and Xerox & Illumination at Brixton Academy (London - May 2007). SINEWAVE performed all over the UK in Summer 2007 for the Echo, Offworld, 070707, Newfoundland, Eastern Haze and Waveform Earthdance festivals, and was the only international trance artist to perform live at the world renowned BURNING MAN FESTIVAL in Nevada USA 2007.

SINEWAVE has also performed at Exodus and Rainbow Serpent Festival in Australia and the world famous Universo Paralello Festival in Bahia, Brazil.

'A legend in the making SINEWAVE takes you on a journey into the unexplored side of your brain. Each track teases and torments every molecule as your body begins to enjoy this new experiment. Grab your boogie board and set out to surf the SINEWAVE!' - Sypher Magazine

Sinewave - Sunshine by Sinewave Live Zen Mechanics - Vurt (Sinewave remix) by Sinewave Live Sinewave - Solar plexus by Sinewave Live