DEF CON 18 Entertainment Lineup

Public Service Announcement

What better reason to celebrate fun times, debauchery and madness than the impending apocalypse??? We all know that every time hackers gather, the world drifts a little closer to the edge of chaos and destruction: killer bees invading pools to kill off our spawn, fake ATMs and bypassing public transit fees destined to cause world economic collapse, weaselly reporters trying to infiltrate and undermine the foundations of societies, and the list goes on.

With a past like this, who knows what the future will bring? We at the DCCTPPPHS (DEFCON Committee for Mind Cont-er-Cognitive Therapy and Physiological Pampering for the Progression of the Hive State) have put together a think-tank comprised of the most brilliant minds we could kidnap-i-mean-hire-and-pay-lots-of-money to look into this very question. So far, with 80% certainty, the think-tank has concluded that a zombie-apocalypse will most likely ensue, which is followed closely (with about a 68% chance) by an invasion of giant mutant dinosaurs and robots.

With this in mind, we will be presenting our usual entertainment event series that this year will pay homage to our impending doom. Show up dressed to scare (and impress) and enjoy yourselves. Really. Enjoy yourselves. This could be your last chance to party before getting infected or eaten. Oh, and attendance is mandatory.

Entertainment Lineup