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DJ Fillmatic

Set Time(s): Saturday Pool, 9pm


Like my man Goldenchyld, I hate writing about myself but I'm going to try. I go by the name Fillmatic. I started DJ'ng when I was 12 I'm now 28. So it's been 16 years now of stress, fun and learning. A little known fact is I actually started off playing progressive trance music. I would play at local "raves" and all kinds of events under a totally different name. A few years later I started wanting to learn the more technical side and was influenced by groups such as The Invisbl Skratch Piklz, Beat Junkies, X-men, 5th Platoon, STA, Top Rawmen and all kinds of other DJ Crews (sorry if I didn't mention you.) I ended up just scratching in my house for like a year straight for hours a day. One day I saw a posting for a DJ Battle at a teen center, entered that... Didn't win but met a bunch of guys like DJ Happee, Dinoh, DJ Cwitch, Jay Rockwell, DJ Hektik and got a little bit of encouragement from these guys and got hooked. I did a lot of DJ Battles... A LOT, we're talking like 3 battles in a day at different venues sometimes. Won a few battles along the way. All this work just encouraged me to learn more things and develop my actual technical skill.

After a while people were asking me to rock all kinds of parties and such, whether it be performing or playing music. Went on tour with Extreme Autofest carshow and got the taste of the mega size crowd and never looked back. The feeling you get from people watching you is ridiculous. I ended up expanding my music selection and researching other genres of music to cater to a broader audience. Now I play a full open format from anything to Hip Hop and Top 40 to Rock and Electro House. I find that playing in the open format makes it possible for people from different backgrounds and "status" to have fun together.

Currently I am a resident DJ at Sway Nightclub and Belo Nightclub in San Diego CA. I also happen to manage a nightclub. In all honesty if you're looking for a DJ that knows how everything works, I'm going to be the closest person to that. I work for the people and the venue and keep this in my mind at all times while managing to maintain my own style. All I want to do is make everyone have a good time, is that too much to ask for?

Anyway, I don't have much to say, perhaps I'll add more stuff later. If you want to know more about me shoot me an e-mail at info@djfillmatic.com and I'll answer your questions personally and maybe even send you a track or two.

Have a nice day,


Did I forget to mention... I ROCK PARTIES, MOTHERFUCKER!

Waiting for turkey by DJ Fillmatic