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highsage a.k.a. shagghie

Set Time(s): Friday Ball (Rio Pavillion #1), 1am (Saturday Morning)

An avid raver from the late 80\'s and early 90\'s in California, the Midwest, and UK, Highsage set out to apply his hardware TR-style programming skills towards a single goal: to restore the art of liberating the machines to move the human body and mind.

Vinyl and Digital released/arriving on AC Records (Berlin), Napalm Enema (Canada), Incense Records (Spain), Tekfunk (So Cal), Techno Moshpit (So Cal), 1,5,9,13 Music (NYC), Abstract Source (UK).

  • elektron.se
  • AC Records (Berlin)
  • Napalm Enema (Canada)
  • Techno Moshpit (So Cal)
  • Incense Records (Spain)
  • Tekfunk (So Cal)
  • 1,5,9,13 Music (NYC)
  • Abstract Source (UK)

SnowKickDrumAndTheSeven303s (Friday Free D/L!) by highsage
ABOD (1994 Remix) the dotted revisionary edit by highsage