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Set Time(s): Saturday Pool, 7pm

Mauvehed got his start DJing at the end of the 1990's when Trance was king and vinyl was the only medium to mix on. Spending many years playing small house parties in Minneapolis with friends and other local DJ's, he branched off into studio production and engineering for a number of years. After moving to Austin, TX in the late 2000's, he met up with Austin based DJ's D.L.R.D, Praws, and T-Vil and began throwing a monthly party at Black & Tan on 7th St. in downtown Austin. The four known as SystemLCP or Elite Suburbanites, continued their successful parties through the year, bringing in many other local and talented DJ's to party with. As time moved, on the club on 7th was sold and the four DJ's parted ways to pursue their own various paths through Austin's music scene. After an unofficial hiatus, Mauvehed has returned to DJing and is working on many new releases, showcases and collaborations with Austins finest.

Mauvehed - Electro Shake Down by mauvehed