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Set Time(s): Saturday Pool, 10pm

Music, movies, computers and electronics takes up most of my life. I am half Italian, half Greek Cypriot but I have lived in Australia my entire life. An ex-audio engineer and failed Club DJ, I have been hacking up audio for about 12 years now and can't seem to stop. Acid pro has been my main weapon of choice due to its easy to use sequencer and its very cool name. I have tried using other popular programs and hardware but I can create more freely with Acid pro. I love the tunes that I create, and often find myself wanting to listen to them over the original, un-hacked versions. What I love most about audio hacking is the ability to create a new version of my favorite tracks, but I have never played in public, not even at a party. Like most fresh artists, I find it very scary to show some one my work for fear of rejection. Alexander the Great said before conquering most of the planet: "Fortune favors the brave", so I quit my job in Australia, and left for Canada and the mighty USA to expose myself to new creative experiences. Defcon 19? I'm there with bells on, regardless if I am given a DJ spot or not.

Sintoucher by the_audiophile
Killah Kali by the_audiophile
Spirit Beat by the_audiophile
Maximum Invasion by the_audiophile