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Set Time(s): Friday Ball (Rio Pavillion #1), 11pm

Bryce Case, Jr. (b. August 23, 1982), otherwise known as YTCracker (pronounced "whitey cracker"), is a rapper, former cracker, and Internet entrepreneur. YTCracker began producing rap music in 1998 in the genre that has since become known as nerdcore hip hop. YTCracker is a self-proclaimed "jack of all trades," also making a name for himself as a professional disc jockey, computer programmer, graphics designer and webmaster.

LOL Internet

In 1999, Bryce gained notoriety for defacing the web site of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center (wired, cnn) along with other government and commercial websites (a partial list can be found here), including servers maintained by the FAA, the DCAA, NATO, the Colorado Springs Police Department, Texas Department of Public Safety, Honda, Nissan, and AT&T.

These happenings launched him into the media spotlight, making him a resource for the media commenting on other hacking-related events, such as the denial of service attacks on Yahoo, eBay.com, and other well-known websites in 2000. He also divulged the technical information regarding the AOL customer account breaches the same year (cnet, internetnews).

YTCracker also owns the board digitalgangster.com, a very large and active web board (36k members, 2mil/wk pageviews and growing) which also has within its ranks many former and current hackers. The members from this board are responsible for the Paris Hilton T-Mobile breach of 2005, the Tom and Tila Tequila Myspace breaches of 2007, the Amor Hilton extortion plot, the Miley Cyrus hacked email scandal of 2008 (aol, foxnews), and the twitter hack of Barack Obama and others of 2009 (pc world, slashdot, cnn, foxnews).

He also has been labeled a "spam king" by prolific author Brian McWilliams and has admitted to drawing income from spamming in the past.

LOL Music

YTCracker performs (as both an MC and a DJ) at many events - most notably, he has DJed in some of the hottest venues in Las Vegas, including Club Ice, the Empire Ballroom, the C2K in the Venetian, the Jet Nightclub in the Mirage, and the Hard Rock Casino's outdoor pool. He has also performed alongside such musical acts as Xzibit, Cypress Hill, Digital Underground, George Clinton. Metal Skool, Naughty by Nature, and Too Short at the infamous Players' Ball. He also received a writing credit (credited as "whitey cracker" ) and a shoutout for his contribution to PIMPANDHO.COM, a song by the notorious "Mayor of Oakland" Too Short on his 2003 album Married to the Game.

Considered by most to be a progenitor of nerdcore hip-hop and a radical artist in general, YTCracker has been featured in numerous forms of print and visual media, including two feature-length documentaries, Newsweek, Blender, and the Boston Globe, and MTV, G4TV, and SpikeTV, among others