Call for Workshops

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Are you a leader, 'leet hacker, a ninja in your field? Do you have a passion to teach and share your knowledge? Got something interesting you are dying to talk about? We're looking for workshops from people like you. If you are interested in being part of the very first ever DEF CON Workshop team, submit now!

DEF CON Workshops will be one day in length and held in rooms that will hold about 30 people maximum. This format lends itself best to teaching on tools and techniques. If you treat it as a one day long presentation it won't work out well for you. Want to teach people how to use your tool? Build an invincible SE Linux install? Hack your PS3? Prepare for and take a HAM license test? This is it.

Because we have never done this before, I don't know what will be popular, but the only way to learn is to try it out. Here it goes!

With the move to the RIO we get more space, and part of that is a group of eight rooms, each of which would be good to hold a small workshop. If you figure eight rooms x three days = 24 total possible workshops. If you are available to train multiple days be sure to mark that down. Once people start registering for the workshops we will see how popular they are.

Workshops will run from 10am to 7pm with an hour for lunch, or can end earlier if everyone finishes early.

Please be sure to fill out this form accurately and completely so we can have a clear understanding of who you are, what areas of 'leetness you have, and what motivates you to want to teach others. We want you to highlight your skills and if you have ever done a workshop like this before, what you think the challenges will be, etc.

After you submit we will confirm receipt within 2 business days, if you don't get confirmation your application was received send us an email at talks (at) defcon (dot) org and let us know. If your application is a match for DEF CON, then we will contact you with more information. This is our first year so training spots are limited and even if you don't make it now we may keep your info on file for future consideration.

You will get an LCD projector, if you need it, WiFi access, and chairs and tables. Almost everything else is up to you. We will work to get people in your workshop, you teach them stuff.

What you get for holding a workshop:

We are still sorting this out, but besides free admission we would like to pay you something based on how popular your workshop is.

Cut and Paste this form into an email or .txt doc and email it to us at: talks (at) defcon (dot) org

You may also mail us your resume, or any training material or presentations in .txt or PDF form.

Your name:


Phone and Time zone:

Best time to call you if we have questions:

URL / Facebook / Twitter / etc.:

Areas of expertise:

Day(s) you propose to train (Friday, Saturday, Sunday):

How many people maximum can you teach:

What is the minimum number of people you want in your room to make it worthwhile?

Besides WiFi access will you need anything? (LCD projector, etc.):

Workshop Name:


Outline of how people will spend the day in your workshop:

What people will get out of this workshop:

What people will need to bring to this workshop to get the most out of it:

What people should do in advance to prepare. Are there white papers to read, software to install, or gear to purchase?

Questions we haven't answered?

Thank you,
The Dark Tangent