Contest Results

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Below you will find the results of many of the innovative and challenging contests that occurred at DEF CON 19. If you ran a contest and would like the results posted here, email them to neil [at] defcon ]dot[ org and we'll get them up!

Capture the Flag

European Nopsled Team wins!!

Packets and other such things will follow as time permits.
Final Rankings:

1. European Nopsled Team
2. Routards
3. Hates Irony
4. IV
5. int3pids
6. lollersk8ers
7. Plaid Parliament of Pwning
8. PLUS@Postech
9. Shellphish
A. ACME Pharm
B. VelociROPtors
C. sutegoma2

Crack Me if You Can

Insidepro team 2011 wins the contest with 16,426,020 total points.

Hashcat is second with 16,252,888 total points.

john-users is third with 13,178,997 total points.

Congratulations to all those who participated!

DEF CON Geochallenge

The following teams completed all puzzles in the Geo Challenge including caches that were removed due to hotel security.

1st Place: Neko (4 Fastest Solves)
2nd Place: Arrogant Bastards & Psycoholics (4 Fastest Solves)
3rd Place: V& (3 Fastest Solves)

Short Story Contest


The How to Steal the World Affair
By John McNabb

Prize: Free entry to DefCon 19 and $40 swag credit.


Egalitarian Deceit: 4-7
by *********

Prize: Free entry to DefCon 19


by: Edward Nickelson

Prize: $20 store credit

Peoples Choice

Very Clever, Mister Blond.
by MolokoBot

Prize: Free entry and $20 swag credit.

Honorable Mention:

by FirmWarez

Prize: If you find me before DefCon 101, I'll give you a T-Shirt.

Special Thanks to Nikita, Eris and Dakahuna... They deserve all the credit for this contest and the judging.

Network Forensics Puzzle Contest

If you would like to play the contest post-defcon (no prizes, sorry) feel free to visit

We had a great time running the contest at DC19! We have learned a lot in the first two years of running the NFPC at Defcon and already have a lot planned for DC20. Be sure to visit throughout the year for on-line challenges and prepare yourself for DC20. See you there!

Top Ten Finalists at DEFCON 19:
1. 5154c (Winner of Verizon Femtocell!)
2. C2 eye (Winner of $150 ThinkGeek gift certificate!)
3. Barnhaus Crew
4. ArchMage
6. Team Cheese
7. 8008
8. Team Moosey Fate
9. Chippendales
10. Kyle Bragle

Scavenger Hunt

Final Scores for the Defcon 19 Scavenger Hunt
Kevin Mitnick is a Faggot: 262
Psychoholics: 193
2Hard4urGrama: 177
Team Pepsi: 170

Thanks to all who played, we look forward to next years hunt!

Social Engineering CTF

Shane – 1st Place 1264
Chris – 2nd Place 766
The Hyena 617
Urbal 495
JWham 479
MilkManDan 454
Billy 404
Michael 351
Dan 253
Luis 224
Tim 190
Aaron – CANCELLED 121
Ryan – NO SHOW 80
Morgan – NO SHOW 74


Winners and Prizes:

Congrats to all the winners in the first Schemaverse DEFCON Tournament! I am in the process of getting everything organized and actually getting you your prize. If you don't hear from me by email or whatever other method I can find you on, send me an email at josh at schemaverse dot com.

Schema Supremacy Trophy: Derpfish
Prize: One Admission to pgWest 2011 - The PostgreSQL Conference

Best in-game hacks reported: Inversespire and Octalthorpe
Prize: $50

Lottery of all players: cppbari
Prize: Navicat for PostgreSQL

First Blood Trophy: trafficone
Prize: PostgreSQL Poster and T-Shirt

Fun Statistics:

Registered Players: 108
Most logged in at once: 12

Total events logged: 2063611
Number of queries ran: 1273888

Total Ships: 21136
Attacks: 55539
Repairs: 40228
Successful Mines: 1619563

Presentation Material:

The final presentation material for When Space Elephants Attack can be found at It is drastically different compared to what is on the DVD.

The Team:

The Schemaverse Tournament was made possible by these fine folk from SauceTel. You can definitely expect to find us back next year with The Schemaverse DEFCON Tournament and maybe some other games as well.


Follow @Schemaverse on twitter for updates to gameplay, bug fixes and details about next years contest.