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The Chillout Lounge (Rio Pavillion #1)

The chillout lounge will be kept open at all hours sans when the EFF Summit and Spy vs Spy are happening

Resident chillout DJ: kampf

Friday Pool Party

Friday Spy vs Spy Black Ball (Shaken) - Rio Pavillion #1

Saturday Pool Party

Saturday Spy vs Spy White Ball (Really Stirred) - Rio Pavillion #1

Konbanwa, comrades! This year we are upping the ante (as we always aspire to do). The pool is sexier; The chillout lounge is open longer; The advent of optogenetics will allow for better mind-control techniques; The parties are going longer; The spaces are becoming more alive! This year's theme: SPY VS SPY. Come dressed to kill it (FIGURATIVELY of course).

Without giving too much away, for decor: Kasha (the ambiguously gendered DEF CON dragon), Zebbler and Kate are back, with the addition of Jacob from the Glitch Loft in Boston. Kinects. HD Video. Max MSP. We will say nothing more beyond this. On the VJ-tip we have Kevin+co with their newly named crew, DESIGN FLAW, who will also be bringing additional beyond slick visuals + interactives!

And then there's the music... oh the music. We've got a talented and diverse selection of both classic DEF CON acts and fresh faces. Check the listings to the left for links to the various performer bio pages!

Failure to comply with the mandatory attendance of these events will result in me placing you on our DEF CON "Watch List."

Thank you,

The Overseer@DCCTPPPHS (DEFCON Committee for Mind Cont-er-Cognitive Therapy and Physiological Pampering for the Progression of the Hive State)