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The Official DEF CON 2 Banana was snatched from a Tropicana dancing girl's fruit hat.


  • Speakers Friday Night:
    Mr. Upsetter and Damien Thorn:An impromptu cellular workshop covering cloning call tracking, etc. 
    Hear it! Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)
  • Speakers Saturday:

    Phil Zimmermann:Philip R. Zimmermann is a software consultant specializing in cryptography, authentication, and data security, and is a leading advocate for public access to strong cryptography. He is the author of PGP (Pretty Good Privacy), a free public key encryption software package that has become the worldwide de facto standard for the encryption of email. The publication and wide dispersion of this software and its extensive use on the Internet worldwide has led to export control problems and conflict with the National Security Agency's desire to restrict the general use of high quality encryption, and has triggered a US Customs criminal investigation. 
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    Gail Thackeray:Deputy county attorney with the Maricopa County attorney's office in Pheonix, Arizona. Her duties include the prosecution of communications and computer related crimes. Recently she participated in "Operation Sundevil," a nationwide computer crime task force. 
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    Curtis Karnow:"Recombinant Culture: Crime In The Digital Network." 
    Curtis Karnow is a partner at the San Francisco law firm of Landels, Ripley & Diamond, and chairs the firm's Competitive Practices Group. His practice emphasizes intellectual property litigation and computer law. He is a faculty member with the American Arbitration Association, a former federal prosecutor, and serves as temporary judge with various Bay Area courts. 

    Curt Karnow has lectured and widely on the intersection of the law and rapidly advancing technology. At last year's DEF CON, he spoke on legal problems associated with complex computing and synthetic realities. These days, he's engaged in advising clients in the multimedia industry in Japan and the U.S., conducts patent litigation, and helps out Phil Zimmermann on intellectual property issues associated with encryption. 
    Read it! or Hear it! Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

    Judi Clark: The treasurer for the CPSR has organized a round table discussion. She will briefly talk about the CPSR white paper on the NII. Mara is active in nexus-chicago, a diverse group committed to virtual community. She will talk about the concept of virtual communities. Karen is the CPSR Berkeley chair and steering committee and librarian of note. She will talk about her Cyber-activist'stmtop ten list. "Ask not what the Net can do for you.." Marianne, who does not speak for Sun Microsystems, will talk about Hacker Barbie: The net's not just for guys anymore.Fen, an information anarchist and cofounder of Broadcast Technologies, will discuss how capitalistic market driven forces drive a Guerilla Information Network (GIN) to create beneficial social anarchy. 
    Hear it! Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

    Theora: Panel discussion: Privacy & Annonminity on the Internet, Round table discussion. Do you have a right to privacy and/or anonymity? Does the technological means exist to provide it to you? Should you expect it? What are your responsibilities? (there's always a catch....) 

    This roundtable discussion, moderated by Theora, will center around identifying problems associated with privacy and anonymity on the Internet. Design of anonymous mailers, sniffers, PGP and anonymous networks will be some of the things discussed by the panel. Phil Zimmermann, creator of PGP, M_Strata.Rose, UNIX consultant and designer of Virtual City Network, Mark Aldrich from strategic systems group of GRC, and one as yet unnamed hackers/lamers will present their views on these issues. There will be ample time for question and answer. The session will go either technical or social, depending on the interest of the people. You can write down ?? in advance if you want. 
    Hear it! Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

    Chris Hall: Private investigator.  Excellent war stories from past investigations.

    Chris Hall is the Chief Operating Officer of Executive Protection Associates, Inc.  EPAI is a worldwide provider of Executive and Celebrity Protection, General and SUBROSA Investigations, Privacy Protection Stategies, Counter-Stalking Operations, Electronic De-Bugging,  and Off-Shore services to the Fortune 500, Celebrities and the High Technology Industry.  Chris is the Senior Field Investigator with EPAI's affiliate Professional Executive Investigations, Ltd. ( a licnesed California Private Investigative Agency).  Chris has managed a team of up to 10 bodyguards, investigated complex high technology cases, and (as an FCC licensed technician), has performed TSCM ( de-bugging) for industry, celebrities, and diplomatic missions.  Chris will be speaking on the art and science of physical and electronic surveillance/counter-surveillance, and will be demonstrating a fully equipped $20K surveillance/counter-surveillance van at Defcon III.
    Hear it! Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

    The Jackal: Radio communications overview. Jackal is a computer science major, and studies electronics, ham radio, and security issues on the side. He is a licensed amateur operator, and is a member of REACT, a volunteer community service radio organization. Other hobbies include martial arts, chess, and other strategy gaming. The Jackal has been working on computer, electronics, and security projects and issues, and is active in ham radio and community service radio. He'll be talking about radio, giving an overview, and covering the technical, security, legal, and ethical issues involved. 
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    Steven Dunnifer: The founder of Radio Free Berkeley talk on the state of Pirate Radio and on battling the FCC. 
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  • Speakers Sunday:

  • Winn Schwartau: Overview of Tempest and VanEck shielding and radiation. 
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    Padgett Peterson: Anti Virus programming, or, "Cleaning up after other peoples messes." 
    Padgett played Tic-Tac-Toe on a Univac in 1957 and hasn't stopped playing since. Part of the sixties were spent in the USAF where he almost received a reprimand for writing letters home via computer/satellite except the engineers stated that it couldn't be done. In the early '70s GM gained a program for the IBM 360 to calculate various suspension effects on a Corvette during high-gee cornering (Padgett has held FIA, IMSA, and SCCA/National licenses. Another very complex program led to a "magic" Rochester fuel injection that looked completely stock yet flowed half again as much air as the factory unit (and with enough air a small block will wind to the moon. 

    After setting a record for sustained flight in a Corvette (460+ feet), he turned to more plebeian interests such as designing the first full authority multiple redundant flight control computer for the F-16 (1979). In 1988, while design team lead for the FAA National Airspace Communications Topology, he encountered his first virus and a new hobby began. 

    Mr. Peterson is a registered professional engineer and is currently employed as Information Integrity Manager by the Martin Marietta Information Group somewhere north of Disney World. 
    Since encountering the Brain virus in 1988 he has written a number of anti virus programs (FixUtil, DiskSecure) for the PC that he gives away as FreeWare. Anti virus work is done at home where he has seven computers and seven Pontiacs (the perfect number). 
    Hear it! Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

    Mark Lottor: Mark will talk about hacking cellular phones. Mark has been hacking OKI cellular phones for over 3 years and his company sells a cellular telephone experimenters kit. 
    Hear it! Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

    Winn Schwartau: High Energy, Radio Frequency (HERF) and Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) weapons and technology. 
    Hear it! Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

    Torquie: The European hacking community and 'scene' 
    Hear it! Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

    Dr. Mark Ludwig: The First Annual Virus Creation Awards, and what to do when the feds come. Dr. Ludwig is the owner of American Eagle Publications. 
    Hear it! Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

    The FED Giveaway: Someone spotted a FED, and soon there was a winner in the annual "I Spotted the Fed!" contest.. 
    Hear it! Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

    Peter Buruk: What the Software Protection Agency (SPA) does, its charter, and what its member companies want. A good question and answer session towards the end. The resident pirates were not amused by their purpose in life! 

    Peter Beruk is the Litigation Manager for the Software Publishers Association (SPA), the principal undo group of the personal computer software industry me Washington, DC-based organization represents over 1,100 software publishers, developers, distributors and all those affiliated with the software industry, SPA Europe located in Paris, France, represents over 150 European software companies. 

    As Litigation Manager, Mr. Beruk Is responsible for coordinating the SPA's anti-piracy efforts. This includes investigating and following up on reports received through the SPA's toll free anti piracy hotline as well as responding to inquiries from corporations throughout the country regarding software and the law.. In addition, he was responsible for the development of the SPA Self Audit Kit and the software program SPAudit, the initial elements of the SPA's anti piracy awareness campaign over 100,000 copies of these materials have been distributed to date. Prior to joining the SPA Peter was a Researcher for the U.S. Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service. Mr. Beruk received his B .S. degree from Cornell University. 
    Hear it! Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

    White Knight: WK reveals illegal FBI wire tap activity and has many interesting war stories about electronic surveillance and the work of being a private investigator. 
    Hear it! Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

    Computer Warriors! Listen to the excitement as the C0mput3r Warri0rz save your computer from evil vrii attackers! Very funny stuff. From some unknown video tape promoting anti-virus awareness. 
    Hear it! Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

    Damien Thorn: V??. 
    Hear it! Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

    Artimage closes down the convention: Artimage reads a letter to the audience from The Codex, who is in jail, encouraging everyone to not give up. The it's good bye to everyone and see you next year! 
    Hear it! Real Audio (28k-isdn surestream)

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