Join Us July 26 – 29th, 2012

at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas


My name is Electric, and I am a DJ, vocalist and producer of electronic dance music. I began experimenting with music and DJ software in high school after viewing a fan-produced video of Daft Punk's Alive 2007 performance which inspired me. After about a year of fiddling with MIDI controllers and a Mac computer equipped with GarageBand, I performed my first live DJ set at Milwaukee's Stellar Spark Summer Session event, along with internationally recognized acts such as Basshunter and Steve Aoki. Since then, I have performed at a number of nightclubs, such as Afterlife in Scottsdale; festivals such as Tempe Art a Gogh-Gogh; and events such as Warsaw Pact Entertainment's Red Cup Massive pre-party. (Not to mention, I have upgraded to Logic from GarageBand as my digital audio workstation of choice.) My dream is to pursue computer music production as a career.