Join Us July 26 – 29th, 2012

at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas


Robert Jensen has been wasting clock cycles as NOP since 2009. Originally releasing tracks as "The Electric City of the Future" out of Boston/Buffalo, Rob put out four 10-song demos and performed mostly in his basement for crust punks who called him a homosexual and fucked up his house.

Now as nop, _NOP_ or NO OPERATION, Rob recently released an eight-song EP "No Thing" and continues to perform around Boston in shitty clubs and people's houses. NOP sounds like the Swans fucked Atari Teenage Riot and took a bunch of acid. Rob's live performances have ranged from "TJing" (Tape Jockeying) with cassette tape players while drinking an entire bottle of whiskey to using a wide variety of outboard gear with Renoise.

Rob prefers prank calling the Chinese using internet telephony to making money or having a job or pursuing any sort of capitalist vision of success, so don't expect any great things from him beyond effectively wasting space in the real world. Rob is pretty sure he is currently blacklisted in the Boston underground music scene because his hacker comrade peed in an "important" person's kitchen sink so if you let Rob play at Defcon he would be very happy to be able to perform again and he won't get too drunk (promise_).