Join Us July 26 – 29th, 2012

at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas

Zack Fasel and Keith Myers

Zack "livecat five" Fasel may have just barely lost by a margin six minute epic dj battle of lulz at Shmoocon 2012, but he's calling for a rematch against the one, the only, Keith "I accidently all the Beers" Myers. This time, they're going for a full hour. There will be raging. There will be many drinks drunk (drunk? drank? drinken?). There may even be blood. One thing's for sure - We're all going to rock the fuck out. Winner judged by crowd applause takes the glory, looser takes the shots. Yes. Plural.

Will Fasel go a whole set without playing Levels? Will Keith keep his pants on? Probably not, but we're going to turn the volume to 12 and "battle" it out for the coveted "A++++ #1 WILL PARTY WITH AGAIN" review on their myspaces and geocities guest book from legendary electronic music act reviewer, int0x80 of DualCore.

Zack Fasel and Keith Myers
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